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Porus 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Alexander Sends Ambhi Raj To Harm Puru And His Army


Porus 20th September 2018 Written Episode Update, Porus Written Update on

Porus 20th September 2018 Episode Start With Olympia suggests Alexander to control Roxanne, else her jealousy towards Barsine will ruin his plan of conquering Bharath. On the other side, Puru promises dying soldier that Pourav rastra is proud to have such brave soldiers and promises to take care of his family for life. Dying soldier says he heard dying prayers come true, he prays Puru win over Alexander, chants Maharaj Purshotam ki Jai, Bharath Jayatu and passes away.

Puru asks Laachi to make sure soldier’s family don’t have any problems in life. Bamni says he proud to give Pourav rastra a king like Puru. Hasti informs they don’t have much army left to fight against Alexander. Injured soldier says he still has blood in his veins and not yet dead, he will fight against Alexander. Another soldier says his leg is amputated in war, but not his will power, they are proud to have such a loyal and brave king like Puru. All soldiers chant maharaj Purshottam ki jai ho, Bharath jayatu.

Puru tells Laachi that Ambhi is coming, he will clear his misunderstanding and convince him to help him fight against Alexander. Ambhi kumar enters with his mother and soldiers. Puru hugs him. Ambhi kumar says he knows what his father did, he is ashamed to be called traitor’s son, he and mom came here with whatever they could gather as he knows Alexander will trick and betray him as usual. Soldiers bring wealth in 3 big drums Hasti checks them. Ambhi kumar says he and his mom will stay here and support Puru fight against Alexander. He asks to go while he will inform his spy to alert army and be ready to attack Alexander’s army. He then walks to his soldier and asks him to go to south door and execute their plan.

Roxanne confronts Alexander when he married Barsine for political reasons, why he is not attacking Puru and instead sent Ambhi kumar when he knows Ambhi kumar can risk his life for Puru. Alexander says he has fooled Ambhi kumar emotionally and brainwashed him, he has sent a special weapon via Ambhi raj which will force Puru to give up and accept defeat.

Ambhi kumar on map shows where his soldiers are hiding and are waiting for his order to attack Alexander. Rajguru enters and says their injured soldier’s condition is worsening and even healthy soldiers are falling ill, situation is very tensed. Puru asks howmany soldiers are healthy to fight. Rajguru says all soldiers are ill. Bhairav informs their batallion near jhelum shore is also ill. Puru ordres to send message to Chanakya as only he can tell what disease is this and find an antidote, he will go and check ill soldiers till then..


Porus 21st September 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Alexander tells Puru must have got his gift by now. Chanakya asks Hasti not to let Puru near ill soldiers as it is contagious and he may also contact that disease.


Porus Details

Porus is a historical-drama television series based on the life of Porus, King of the Pauravas, and Alexander The Great, and events that lead to their common destiny, Battle of the Hydaspes. It premiered on 27 November 2017 on Sony TV.The show was created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Productions. It is said to be the most expensive show on Indian television, having a budget of about INR 500 crores (roughly USD 80 million). In Sri Lanka, it airs on Sirasa TV, dubbed into Sinhala and titled as Digvijaya


Hrishikesh Pandey
Gurpreet Singh
Ashlesha Sawant
Aruna Irani
Aparna Dixit
Aditya Redij
Suzanne Bernert
Shraddha Musale
Rohit Purohit
Riya Deepsi
Rati Pandey
Praneet Bhatt
Nalini Negi
Mohit Abrol
Laksh Lalwani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min