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Prithvi overwhelmed by Mrinal’s invitation for marriage talks (Upcoming Twist)


Prithvi Vallabh: Prithvi’s (Ashish Sharma) shocked as Bhoj faint consuming Mrinal’s (Sonarika Bhadoria) poisoned food

Sony TV’s classical show Prithvi Vallabh that pictures historic saga of love and war is up with some high voltage drama and action.

As seen, Prithvi Vallabh visit Manyakheta with his marriage proposal for Mrinal shocking everyone.

Tailap suggest to kill Prithvi for such a disgusting move but Guru Aditya stop him saying Prithvi is their guest.

Shockingly, Mrinal puts forward a condition that she would agree to marry Prithvi only if she is gifted with Sindhu and other family members head.

Tailap plan to kill Prithvi for proposing Mrinal

This infuriates Prithvi and defends that it is not just for marriage but for peace and friendship between Manyakheta and Malwa.

Further, Mrinal invites Prithvi and Bhoj for dinner at her palace but Bhoj faints consuming the poisoned food.

Now let us wait and watch if Prithvi will still continue with his peace building tactics or call upon a war.

Keep tuned and Read Prithvi Vallabh Written Episode Updates to know what will be the outcome of this love hatred turmoil.