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Pyaar Ke Papad 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Omkar Meets Shivika’s Dad Triloki


Pyaar Ke Papad 16th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Pyaar Ke Papad Written Update on

Pyaar Ke Papad 16th March 2019 Episode Start With Shivika asking Omkar to meet her dad. He asks really, I m very happy to get your approval. She says I said yes, but not dad. He says we will convince him, he will also agree, I will never break your trust, if you are with me, I will win the world. She says I won’t be able to support you, I always went against dad, this time I can’t go against him. He says I will talk to him and change his thinking, we love each other, we are not running away, we will take his blessings and marry. She says caste matters a lot to dad, maybe dad insults you, I can’t tolerate. He says its fine, my family loves me a lot, I can bear some insult in in-laws. She says I don’t want to lose either of you and dad, so please. He asks her not to worry and hugs.

Triloki says I won’t say yes to any proposal. Uncle says Shivika will get any guy, problem is because of you. Triloki says I can’t get Shivika married to any random guy of any random caste, this time I have found a guy for Shivika, he is from a high caste, his name is Alankar, he is going to come soon. Omkar comes home. Triloki asks who is it. Shivika says no one, maybe locality kids, I will see. She asks Omkar what is he doing here. Omkar says I came to talk to your dad. She asks at this time of night, you can’t talk right now, come tomorrow at temple and talk to him. Triloki comes to check. Omkar hides. Shivika lies to him. Omkar says you are big liar, your love is true, right. She stops him and says I accepted that my fate has no love, you gave me a hope, if it breaks then… He says if you are happy, my day goes well, I won’t let you get upset for totally selfish reasons. He kisses her and says I love you Shivika. She says I love you too, go now.

Its morning, Omkar tells Jagat that he is going to meet Shivika’s dad. Jagat tells Mangal that they will go along to talk about alliance. Omkar says I will go and meet once, I don’t know I will pass or fail. Mangal says how, you topped always, you will pass. Jagat asks him to take sweets. Omkar asks him to ask anything to him, not to watchman. Mangal says no.

Omkar comes to meet GST and asks what are you doing. GST says I was cleaning the water tank, where are you going. Omkar says I m going to make my destiny, I like a girl, she didn’t get married, her marriage broke, she likes me. GST says its great, who is she, what’s her name. Omkar says her dad doesn’t agree, we have to talk to him. GST says we will convince him. Omkar says we have to go to temple. Triloki gets angry on Chobey knowing about people taking water from the tap. Triloki says no one will take water, its for temple. Omkar says I m going to meet Triloki. GST says don’t joke. Omkar says really, I m going to marry his daughter. GST stops the bike and asks did you not get any other girl, give me some time, I will find a girl for you. Omkar says I m going, you be here. He leaves on the bike. GST says he doesn’t know pandit ji is troublesome.

Omkar comes to temple and learns about pandit ji stopping water supply. Omkar goes to open the tap. He asks where is Triloki. He goes to meet Triloki. Shivika prays. Triloki asks who opened the tap, who broke the valve, I will see that guy. Omkar asks for Triloki. Triloki looks for him. Shivika prays that nothing goes wrong between Omkar and Triloki. Triloki meets Omkar. Omkar says I have come to meet Trilokinath. Triloki asks what, I m Triloki, tell me, what’s the matter. Omkar says no, you can’t be Triloki. Triloki asks do you doubt, shall I prove it to you, you are changing the matter. Omkar asks are you Triloki who has come from Banaras. Triloki says yes. Omkar recalls Triloki’s words. Omkar says I want to talk to you. Triloki says I won’t do any puja for you, tell me why did you open the water tap. Omkar says I got sweets for you. Triloki scolds him. He goes.

Omkar says this strange man is Shivika’s dad, what about me now. Jaya does a drama that none values her. She asks Jagat about the girl. Jagat says you don’t need to do anything. Gupta says Omkar likes the girl, its enough. GST asks Omkar did he meet pandit and get insulted. Omkar says we have to think how to convince him. Shivika waits for Triloki. Devki says everything will be fine. Triloki comes home angry and complains about Omkar. He says I hate that guy.


Pyaar Ke Papad 18th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Omkar and Shivika play holi. Color falls over Triloki. Omkar worries.


Pyaar Ke Papad Details

Pyaar ke Papad is completely based on Indian marriages.Pyaar ke Papad is a latest Love story between Baniya Boy with Village Girl. It means there is a lot of entertainment that is in store. It is a light hearted drama and is expected to have comedy aspects in it. Story based on the war between Father in Law and A lover Boy for his love.

Cast : 

Pratish Vora
Swarda Thigale
Akhilendra Mishra
Priyanca Shukla
Aashey Mishra

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Bharat | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min