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Qayamat Ki Raat 7th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Gauri Find Key And Open Door No. 1


Qayamat Ki Raat 7th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Qayamat Ki Raat Written Update on

Qayamat Ki Raat 7th October 2018 Episode Start With Prithvi and his family eating breakfast and meenakshi say I wish raj get well soon, don’t know whose nazar he got. Gauri reach home and see everyone, and think I should hide otherwise new issue will be create and she strike with meenakshi. Meenakshi taunt her about her night out and goes, Gauri signal to Uma and Uma appologise to Gauri for slapping her and can’t let aditi marry to ajay. Gauri she know she was helpless and is about to ask for Raj blood but prithvi intrupt and ask her and ananiya to make arrangement. Gauri goes to her room and ask raj to have medicine. Raj say why are you playing games? What do you want? I either can’t stay with you nor without you. Gauri ask him to stay away from her, otherwise one of us will die. Raj hold Gauri near wall and she hurt

him emotionally saying stay away and raj break glass. Raj ask her to tell me truth? tell do you love me? Gauri think about kaalasur words and say no she don’t love him. Raj break mirror and Gauri hold his face being sacred and say don’t do this. Raj say I can see love but you don’t tell me, now I shall not ask you anything but you will come to me yourself and tell. Both are crying.

Gauri cries and take Raj blood from mirror and say I love you raj and know I am hurting you, but shall love you with healing all your pain very soon. Prithvi and family plan wedding and Gauri walks down. Yakshini and Karuna in mind about keeping eye on Gauri. Yakshini goes to hurt raj, karuna plan to keep eye on gauri, meenakshi hold karuna hand and she feel pain, Meenakashi ask family to throw Gauri out as she is characterless, she roam in night, i can’t handle her. She hold Karuna, and she feel pain. Gauri give blood to juni, juni say its hard job for you but in end either journey will end or you. She throw blood after praying. She ask Gauri to go inside this chakra and open those 3 doors. In this chakra only either evil goes or saver goes, but till now no evil returned. Gauri say I shall do it for my raj and family. She goes, juni shout just believe on your ear, not eyes.👀

Gauri reach somewhere and get shocked seeing water above and ground down. She start to walk. Gauri walks and reach some end, she get helpless and think what to do now? just than someone face appear, gauri get scared but he calm her and say I too came here like you, but didn’t survive. You have to find key under this fire pond. She get scared thinking, but man say don’t believe on what you see just believe on your ears. She listen water sound and think I need to believe my ears not my eyes.

Raj get up from sleep and call Gauri. She hold her hand. Flashback shows that mishika did magic on raj, saying you shall see Gauri in my face, but Raj say its not you. But mishika say I hurted you so much, but I shall repend and hug him. She think let Gauri do anything but raj will be mine after to night.

Gauri swim‍ in that pond, but think of man word to find key for opening door, otherwise you will stuck here. Juni see her but Karuna arrive and hurt juni and ask for gauri. She inform juni that mishika is with raj in deguise of gauri, gauri can do anything but will lose only. Juni uses bhasam and both karuna and juni hurts. Karuna say I shall find gauri soon, none can save her. Juni decide to tell Gauri about Raj. She uses her powers. Gauri I am not getting any path, god please help me.

Birds are flying inside water, and juni some how inform Gauri to hurry up otherwise mishika will make raj hers. Mishika try to get romantic with raj in disguise.

Gauri see man with key, she try to pick that key but man get alive, he hurt her. She think I can’t see anything other than plants. She soon realise that these are not plants. She uses them and hurt that man, she get key. She goes up and uses key powers and make poles into human, they thank her and pray for her win. Gauri come out from that place and juni praises her win and ask her to run back for saving raj.

Mishika try to romance with raj but gauri uses bhasam, raj faints and Mishika and Gauri both uses powers against each other. Mishika tie her using roots. Gauri ask raj to get up, raj get up but doesn’t see mishika truth. Raj Gauri see each other cutely, raj tell today’s goodness work of mine is ended.

Gauri think about Karuna and her talk for reaching Ram namgarh and blame herself if I would have not forced, than life would have been different. Juni call Gauri and inform to reach before 6.40 pm to open lock 2. Gauri walk out of room and think how to fool all villians. She see uma and goes behind her in kitchen. Uma ask about her wellness and aditi marriage with ajay. Gauri ask her to believe her as she has plan. Uma ask what plan? Gauri think I can’t let villian hurt you.

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Qayamat Ki Raat Details

Qayamat Ki Raat is an upcoming show on Star Plus which is a supernatural drama produced by Balaji Telefilms.This new show will feature popular actors Karishma Tanna and Vivek Dahiya in lead roles.Actor Nirbhay Wadhwa makes quite an impact as the evil Tantric.This will be Vivek’s second supernatural show after Kavach while Karishma Tanna will also be seen in Balaji Telefilms Naagin 3 on Colors.

It is a based on horror drama and I am sure we all are very excited for this supernatural show. As per reports TV actors Vivek Dahiya and Karishma Tanna will be seen as main lead characters as Raj and Gauri respectively. Moreover, actor Nirbhay Wadhwa is all set for the negative lead role of an evil Tantrik. It is expected that Kayamat Ki Raat serial will be on air from 2nd week of June.


Karishma Tanna
Vivek Dahiya
Dipika Kakar
Nirbhay Wadhwa
Mehul Nisar
Abhinav Kohli
Apara Mehta

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Star Plus | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : Approx 45 Min