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Raja Beta 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update

Sanju Threatens To Commit Suicide To Marry Pankhudi


Raja Beta 16th April 2019 Written Episode Update, Raja Beta Written Update on

Raja Beta 16th April 2019 Episode Start With Purva apologizing to Mayank and saying you came to meet Pankhudi on my saying and all this happened? Vedant checks Dr. Mayank’s injury. Pankhudi gets upset and takes Purva to Vedant’s room. She asks what are you doing and tells that when I told you that I don’t want to meet any guys, then why did you send Mayank. She says I heard whatever you said and tells that she is not a little girl, not to understand her. She says she is very hurt. Mayank thanks Vedant and asks if he is Purva’s husband. Vedant says yes.

Mayank says he is kind and helpful. Vedant says sorry. Purva asks what do you want, do you want me to get you marry Sanju. Pankhudi says she will do what she thinks right and tells that she will become Tripathi family bahu only. Sanju and Vedant hear her. Purva says I won’t let you take this wrong decision. Sanju smiles happily. Pankhudi goes from Vedant’s cabin. Vedant asks Sanju to go home. Sanju goes and thinks he will fulfill Pankhudi’s wish to become his wife.

Vedant comes to his cabin. Purva hugs him and cries. Vedant looks on. Purva says she got so much happy seeing him and says I couldn’t talk to you and was worried. Vedant says I was busy in critical case and asks her to say what happened. Purva says there are so many problems which she thinks they can never solve. Vedant asks they will solve and asks why she wants to become Mrs. Tripathi. Purva tells that Pankhudi came to Sanjeevani Sadan in night secretly when he dropped her to staff quarters and then she tells that she will become Tripathi bahu. Vedant says we will go home.

Narendra asks Radhika about her studies. Sumiti says you are getting dressed up well now a days. Dadi says it is girl’s right to dress well. Ramesh tells that they will search a good guy for her. Just then Vedant and Purva come there. Dadi gets happy and hugs him.

Vedant asks Dadi, how is she? Dadi says fine and asks how is he? Vedant says fine. Gomti hugs Vedant and asks where was you? She shows her face and tells that it happened due to the cream brought by Sanju. Vedant checks her face and tells that he will give her medicine for her skin rashes. He asks for Sanju. He then asks Ramesh how is he? Dadi asks him to tell about him. Vedant tells that he operated a pregnant lady who gave birth to 4 babies. He tells both mother and babies are fine. Radhika thinks to tell everyone about prateik and tries to tell. Sanju comes there. Ramesh asks about bandage on his hand. Sanju says he fell down and tells that he wants to tell a decision. He reminds Ramesh of his promise and tells that he wants to marry Pankhudi. Ramesh says it is not a joke. Sanju says Pankhudi and I love each other and want to marry. Sumiti says Pankhudi will come here. Vedant asks Sanju not to hurry up for marriage. Sanju reminds Vedant of his marriage. Gomti talks against Ramesh. Sanju shouts at her. Ramesh says they don’t agree to love marriage and tells that they will choose a good girl for her. Purva says even I don’t want to get Pankhudi marry Sanju and asks him not to badmouth about her. Ramesh says she came to meet him at night secretly. Sumiti says you shall marry a rich girl. Sanju says so you will not agree. Ramesh says we will not agree. Sanju says ok and starts breaking the glasses. Vedant asks him to talk to babu ji. Sanju says you betrays everyone, but I am your blood…if you betray me then it will be costly for you. He throws the things kept on the dining table. Ramesh gets angry and locks him in the room. Sanju says you are doing room. Ramesh says that girl is making you mad, which I won’t let happen.

Vedant says sorry to Purva on Ramesh’s behalf. Purva says it is neither yours nor babu ji’s mistake, problem is Pankhudi and me. Vedant says my smile reason is you and thanks her for coming in his life. She says whenever something happened here, I used to think that you won’t let anything wrong happen. She tells that she missed him badly and Ramesh also missed him more. Vedant asks did you and babu ji resolve the differences. Purva says you didn’t go for births and smiles. She tells that she is with Ramesh’s decision. Vedant says we shall talk to Pankhudi.

Ramesh calls Sanju and apologizes to him, asking him to open the door. Vedant, Purva and others come there. They see Sanju pouring kerosene oil on himself. Ramesh shouts seeing from the window. Ramesh asks Sanju what does he want? Sanju asks him to promise that he will get him married to Pankhudi else he will die. Manjula asks Vedant to stop Sanju. Ramesh tells that he can’t bear Pankhudi, how to bring her in his son’s life. Vedant tries to break the door. Dadi asks Ramesh to stop him. Prateik calls Radhika, but she rejects his call. Sanju lights the matchstick.


Raja Beta 17th April 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Vedant asks Sanju to light the fire. Sanju throws the matchstick on the carpet and it catches fire. Everyone looks on shocked.


Raja Beta Details

Raja Beta is  Zee TV Serial. The story of this new show will be about Vedant who is an orphan kid and gets adopted by a grandparent, Dadaji, brought home an orphan kid 30 years ago. Vedant grows to become a successful gynaecologist and how he is the best son, best grandson, best brother, and best nephew. His only wish is to become a father one day.


Rahul Sudhir

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min