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Dil Hi Toh Hai: Reva plots to separate Palak Ritwik, Ritwik Palak’s old love reminisces


Dil Hi Toh Hai: Reva (Gurpreet Bedi) instigates Ananya (Poulomi Das) against Palak Reva’s secret motive REVEALED

Sony Entertainment show Dil Hi Toh Hai is moving forward to witness some eye catching twists and turns in Ritwik and Palak’s love life.Where Ritwik and Palak have reconciled and Ritwik realized his mistakes, Palak and Ritwik team up to get Setu and Rohit married.There Reva wants Ritwik to pay full attention to Ananya but after she finds Ritwik in contact with Palak, she decides to create a wall between Ritwik and Palak and thus she targets Ananya.Reva takes revenge from Palak.

It was earlier seen that how Palak convinces Samar to marry his love Radhika, not Reva.While now Reva will be taking revenge from Palak as she broke her marriage, And in her ugly game she will use Ananya to break Palak and Ritwik’s friendship.Ritwik goes to Palak’s house for meeting her and Reeva gets irked seeing this so she decides to tell Ananya about it.Reeva confronts Ananya and tells her that Ritwik went to Palak’s house without telling her anything.Ananya determines to keep Ritwik away from Palak.

Ananya gets irked and she says to Reeva that from now on she will keep a keen eye over Ritwik and she will make sure that he stays away from Palak.On the other hand, Palak realizes that she is in love with Ritwik but her mind says that it is not right so she is very confused, she is not able to understand that what should she do now.Ritwik and Palak are together again for their mission to get Rohit and Setu married and Ritwik feels too bad to destroy everything.Ritwik and Palak plans to get Rohit and Setu married in grand way and for that they need to convince family.Ritwik and Palak’s love reminisces.

Ritwik and Palak’s this mission is bringing Ritwik and Palak closer and reminisce old love.Reeva is irked and can’t see Ritwik getting his love if she didn’t get her love Samar, Reeva will now take all measures to destroy Ritwik and Palak’s love.

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