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Sameer Naina’s love story come to an abrupt ending (Upcoming Twist)


Sameer (Randeep Rai) vow never to meet Naina (Ashi Singh) again

Sony TV’s nostalgic drama of 90’s love story Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai will show some shocking twist of events in the show soon.

It is seen that Sameer and Naina finally meet each other and their happiness sees no boundaries.

Sadly, this happiness doesn’t stay for long as they will have a fight as Sameer will tell Naina that he had spent his admission money for his travelling.

Further, Naina will loose her cool to know that Sameer had permanently come back from Delhi without informing anyone.

Naina Sameer dreamland comes down shattering

Thus, Naina will try to convince Sameer to return back home, as it is not his good decision to leave home and family.

This will infuriate Sameer and he will shout at Naina that does not value his love and efforts.

Soon, things get worst and Sameer will leave Naina never to meet her again.

It is seen that Sameer packs his bags and leaves his Delhi house forever without telling anyone.

On the other hand, Naina is in tears by her failed result, which leaves everyone shocked.

Unaware of Naina’s result, Sameer travels to Ahmedabad with much excitement to meet Naina.

Finally, they meet each other with their magical twirl as they come running towards each other.

Naina Sameer lost in Loveland

With much reluctance, they hold hands and get lost in their old days memories.

Further, they express how miserable their life has been without each other.

Moreover, Sameer will get to know that Naina has failed in her exams.

On the other hand, Naina will be shocked to know that Sameer had run away from house without informing anyone.

To know what will happen further, keep tuned to this space.