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Satya and Susheel to diverge on different paths


Kali witnesses Fighter Dadi’s strength during the latter’s fight in her lane. She gets too impressed and thinks if Susheel can follow the path of Fighter Didi to make her own name. Kali meets Susheel and learns Susheel is staying outside her dad’s house to protect her self-esteem. Kali gets more proud of Susheel and supports her. Kali wants Susheel to meet Fighter Didi. She suggests Susheel to make a career in women’s wresting, so that the family is proud of. Susheel agrees to Kali. She finds out about Fighter Didi by searching on net.

Susheel meets Fighter Didi and tells her intentions of taking training from her. She says I m very much strong and have fighting skills too, but need someone to mentor me. Susheel tells her that she wants to make her family proud by becoming a wrestler.

Fighter Didi kicks Susheel down and asks her to prove her strength. Susheel couldn’t stay in front of her for a minute. Fighter Didi makes Susheel grind the wheat. She makes the women fulfill household duties and cooking tasks, which will make them strong within. She doesn’t have any gym or equipment to train the women, but has her own way to instil skills in them. Susheel grinds the wheat. She is sure to win Fighter Didi’s given tasks. Fighter Didi introduces Susheel to the other women living at her place. Susheel gets encouraged seeing them. She finds inspiration in Fighter Didi, who distributes the duties among the women.