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Satya begins to miss Susheel


Susheel gets angry on Satya. She ruins his room and belongings. She breaks the cupboard. She breaks everything by taking his hockey stick. Satya asks her what is she doing. She tells her that this is a demo to show what he did in her life, he has also ruined everything in her life and she wants him to realize his mistake. She asks him to open his eyes and see what he did with her. Leela and Soumya find her angry and stay quiet. Satya imagines Susheel back in the house. He dreams of Susheel breaking the things and behaving boyish. He then finds the room fine and thinks of Susheel. He misses Susheel.

Fighter Didi/Sarthi gives a new challenge to Susheel. She is giving a tough training to Susheel so that the latter can be ready to face any consequences. The training gets interesting. Susheel is asked to catch the hens. Susheel runs after the hens and struggles to catch them. Sarthi then asks her to pass the huge eggs from one nest to another without using any help. Susheel uses her smartness to do the tasks. She learns the lessons behind every task.