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Sethji 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Sethji 26th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

Scene 1
Baji says to Pragati I regret loving you. Because of you I lost my both friends. Its all my fault. She says please stop. Baji locks her in the jail and leaves. Pragati sits down crying. She says Devi how could you do this. God please help me. I will avenge ganesh’s death.
Ahiliya recalls the deaths in Devsu. She says someone is trying to harm us. She recalls how worried Pragati was. Sethji says till when will we see our kids dying. She is crying. Ahiliya says I have to stop this. Who is doing this. My kids are fighting with each other. I have to stop all this. Pragati saved us she can never be wrong. She always pointed out our enemies. I am ready to fight. God show me the right way.

Scene 2
Pragati says I dont’ wanna live if this is your justice God. She is crying. She says I don’t wanna live. Someone comes there. Its Vinayak. Pragati is dazed. She says you.. He says I am AHiliya’s husband. She says you.. I can’t believe. Pragati says I am Baji’s wife. She touches his feet. He says stay blessed. Pragati says Nagesha and Bhao said you died. He says no I never died and I was detained there in city. Pragtai says everything is ruined. He says devsu baba told me everything.

Vinayak says Devsu baba said everything how Devi played this game with Nagesh. He tells her how Devi promised to ruin devsu and Ahiliya’s family. Pragati says baba you are back. Everything will be back. Vinyak says we have to do something. They are gonna do something big. See I recorded what they were talking about. He says they have a big plan.
Devi said to Nagesh you have to ruin Ahiliya’s family. Nagesh said they will all die. Pragati says what will I do. Go and tell everyone. They trust you. Vinayak says no we can’t do that right now. Nagesh was saying that he would get someone in. Pragati says that would be Ambi. He comes from jungle. Vinayak gives her phone. He says I will keep an eye on jungle. I will get you out of here as well.
Pragtia says mai will be so happy to see him.

Nagesh is outside Devsu. He says till when will I wait here? A man comes to mug him. He gives pistol and says your dad sent me.
Nagesh calls Ambi. He says when will you come. Ambi says I will. Vinayak is recording everything. Nagesh feels like someone is there.


Sethji 27th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Raghu says to Ahiliya I won’t fight with Baji again. I wont’ harm anyone from family every. Ahiliya say to Raghu soon you will have to harm someone in house.