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Shakti 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update

Harman Regrets For His Bad Behavior And Searches Soumya


Shakti 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Shakti 23rd April 2018 Episode Start With Jasleen asking Harman to go and says they are not meant to be with each other. She tells that Veer was right and tells that there is no space for any short circuit. She says love story is unique, like Raj and Simran. She asks him to go and completes his love story. Harman opens the hatbandhan. Jasleen says she must not have left far. Harak Singh tries to stop Harman. Preeto stops Harak Singh from stopping Harman. She tells him that Harman ran away and when he runs, nobody can catch him, not even his father. She asks what he will do now.

She tells that every man of this world runs after their wives and says my son is gone mad. Harak Singh is angry. Jasleen asks Harak Singh to understand that Harman can’t take seven rounds with her and asks him to understand that Harman and Soumya can’t be separated. Harak Singh says he will stop Harman. He goes out and tells Harman that if he want to go then he has to walk past his dead body. Harman folds his hand and asks him to move from his way. Harak Singh moves from his way. Preeto says hatred is lost. Harak Singh asks Veeran to go and bring Harman back. Harman is in the car and recalls Soumya’s love. Soumya is walking on the road and reminisces him.

Harak Singh says marriage will happen today. Preeto says it is ended. Jasleen asks Preeto to let him try and says even our friendship couldn’t stand infront of their love, then how your hatred will stand. Surbhi cries and tells Nani that Soumya’s life is ruined. Nani says what we can do. Surbhi cries. Bebe says Soumya will return to our house now, and says it is good if she dies. Surbhi says lets go and bring her here, Nani. Nani says no, we can’t do this and says Preeto will take care of her. Surbhi hugs her and cries.

Harman comes to Saya’s house and asks where is Soumya? He looks inside and says I can understand whatever happened. Saya says you can’t understand and says you left your wife home and is searching a kinnar. Harman says humans do mistakes and asks if she came here? Saya says she don’t need to come here as she stays in our heart. She says we don’t know about your Soumya and says we will pray that you will not get her back, it is good for her to die rather than meeting him.

Harman asks her to pray for his death, but he wants to meet her before his death so that he can apologize to her. Harman leaves. Veeran and his goons come there. Saya tells them that Harman came and left. Moti asks Jasleen to come back to US with him. Jasleen tells him that she can’t leave her Harman’s family. Saya calls Preeto and says Harman came here searching Soumya, and then Veeran came with some men. Preeto says Harman didn’t marry Jasleen, and tells that some people wants to stop him and that’s why searching him, but they didn’t know that hero will bring his heroine back.

Maninder thinks all neighbors must be back biting behind his back. Varun comes and says he heard them and they all are badmouthing about him. Harman comes there searching Soumya. Varun says today is your marriage. Harman don’t tell anything and leaves. Nani and Surbhi get happy and thinks Harman didn’t marry Jasleen. Surbhi says their love is not that weak. Veeran comes there and asks if Harman came? Surbhi says why he will come here, he must be with his wife now. Varun tries to tell Veeran, but Surbhi stops him. Veeran leaves. Surbhi slaps Varun and stops him.

Varun asks Maninder, Bebe and Nani to save him from Surbhi. Raavi asks Jasleen why she has broken his marriage with Harman. Shanno also tells the same. Jasleen asks if they didn’t see his love for Soumya and says my hero loves Soumya a lot and asks them not to separate them. Surbhi says we shall go and search Soumya. Nani asks her not to worry and says Harman will bring Soumya back, nobody can separate them. Soumya comes to the bus stand and waits for the bus. A shop keeper sees her.

Harman gets down from his car and searches for Soumya, and shows her pic to the passerby. He thinks where did Soumya go? Veeran and his goons come to stop Harman. Harman asks what happened? Veeran asks what you are doing and asks him to come home. Harman says I don’t have time. Veeran calls Harak Singh and says I got Harman, but he is refusing to come home.

Harak Singh asks him to tie Harman, breaks his legs and bring him home. Harman smiles. Veeran asks him to come home and says I love you very much, don’t force me. Goons stop Harman. Harman beats them. Goons hold Harman. Veeran asks goons to keep him in car. Saya and Kinnars come there and beats the goons. Goons escape. Saya asks Veeran to tell Harak Singh that the kinnars have beaten the men and made me run away. Harman tells Veeran to inform Harak Singh that he will return home with his wife. Soumya is still at the bus station.

Guy selling Chanas come there. Soumya says she wants Chana, but she don’t have money. Guy says you are looking rich and asks how can you don’t have money. He asks her to give teddy which she has. Soumya refuses to give teddy to her and says I am not hungry. Woman sitting there asks what happened? Did you elope from your inlaws home. Soumya says my husband and inlaws are good. Woman asks then what happened with you. Soumya thanks her for the concern. Woman offers her paratha and asks her to have it. Soumya takes paratha and thanks her. Harman tells Saya that don’t know where is Soumya? I have searched her everywhere. Saya says she must be leaving city else she would have been at her house or with us. Harman feels sad.


Shakti 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Harman sees Soumya at the bus station and calls her to stop her. Soumya doesn’t listen to him and sits in bus. Harman takes knife and cuts his palm. Soumya is shocked.


Shakti Details

Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki is an Indian Hindi family drama television series, which premiered 30 May 2016 and is broadcast on Colors TV. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited of Rashmi Sharma. The series is aired on weekdays. Vivian Dsena, Rubina Dilaik, Lakshya Handa, Roshni Sahota are playing the lead roles in the series. In Pakistan it airs on A-Plus TV


Reena Kapoor
Roshni Sahota
Rubina Dilaik
Sahil Mehta
Sudesh Berry
Tasheen Shah
Vivian Dsena
Amrita Prakash
Ayub Khan
Ekta Singh
Garima Jain
Kamya Punjabi
Kishori Shahane
Lakshya Handa

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min