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Ishqbaaz: Shivaay Anika’s marriage revealed to be destiny not forceful, Anika to face consequences


Ishqbaaz: Omkara Anika recreate their beautiful relation of Devar and Bhabhi

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus most popular show Ishqbaaz loyal viewers will get to witness shocking twist as Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) marriage revealed to be destiny not forceful one.It was earlier seen that Shivaay will break Anika’s marriage with Nikhil revealing her to be his girlfriend.

Shivaay will forcefully get married to Anika but will not let Anika fulfil any marriage rituals.Shivaay will be seen disowning Anika labelling her to be his Mistress.Anika breaks down hearing this where she had to bear society taunts.However, in this time of need Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) makes his entry and takes Anika along with him calling her Bhabhi.Omkara Rudra highlight about Shivaay Anika’s pre-marriage rituals

Omkara Rudra highlight that Shivaay Anika’s marriage is destiny and not forceful one as the duo have complete all the pre-marriage rituals similarly.

Shivay reaches the chawl where Anika’s marriage is happening with Nikhil. He claims that Anika loves him and has an affair with him. Nikhil believes Shivay. He refuses to marry Anika. Anika pleads to Nikhil and asks him not to believe Shivay. Anika gets blamed by everyone. Anika’s aunt insults her. Gauri supports Anika, knowing she can’t be wrong. Shivay defames Anika in front of everyone. Shivay makes sure that Anika’s marriage breaks, as she has broken Priyanka’s marriage. Anika cries and asks Nikhil not to leave from the mandap, Shivay is lying because of his grudge. Shivay presents some videos and evidences against Anika, to prove that Anika had a relation with him. Nikhil feels shattered. He doesn’t understand how to believe Anika after seeing the videos.

Nikhil throws away the Jaimala and breaks ties with Anika. He tells her that their marriage won’t take place now. She tells them that she wasn’t with Shivay, she has no terms with him. Shivay forcibly drags Anika from the mandap. She takes her to the temple and marries her. Anika goes missing. Shivay later informs Gauri about Anika.

Gauri learns about the shocking Shivika marriage. Anika gets many staining tags on herself, but Gauri saves her elder sister. Aunt humiliates Anika. She kicks out Anika from the house. She compares Anika with her mum, who also had a bad past. The neighbors too try to beat up Anika and punish her for her characterless act. Anika gets fortunate to get support from in-laws. Omkara and Rudra learn about the marriage and support Anika, by going against their brother Shivay. They take a stand and protect Anika from mad neighbors. They take Anika home, and encourage her to counter Shivay’s hatred. They are sure that Shivay and Anika’s marriage had to happen as destined, since all their pre-wedding rituals also got completed unknowingly by twist of fate. They wish Shivay also accepts Anika as his wife. They don’t want Shivay to ruin an innocent girl’s life.

Let’s see how Omkara Rudra gets against own brother Shivaay and get justice for Anika.