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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Update: Kunal Mauli relation faces suspicion


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal raise hands on Mauli

The upcoming episodes of Colors daily popular show Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka will witness lots of ups and downs.It seems that Mauli (Aditi Sharma) along with Pari and Mishti will try to make Kunal (Shakti Arora) recall Nandini (Drashti Dhami).Kunal gets upset as he doesn’t want Ishaan’s (Kinshuk Mahajan) daughter to get close to Mauli and misunderstands them.He will behave rudely with the kids and braek their heart.

Kunal has sternly warned Mauli over not meeting Mishti and Pari. He wants Mauli to stay away from Ishaan and his daughters. He gets disappointed when he finds Mauli with the kids again. He angrily calls Mauli to know about her. Mauli lies to him, which deepens his suspicion. He spies on Mauli to know the reason for his lies. Mauli doesn’t reveal to him about his relation with his daughters, because of his sensitive state. He wonders why she isn’t taking his objection seriously. Mauli hides the truth and disconnects the call to enjoys with the kids. Kunal finds Mauli changing. He talks his concern with Radhika. He wants to know why isn’t Mauli happy with him and lying so much.

His suspicion keeps on growing. He keeps a check on her. He asks Mauli why is she going to the temple. She tells him that she will visit the temple before going to clinic. Kunal doesn’t will to, but gets helpless to follow Mauli. Meanwhile, Sweety meets the kids and learns about Ishaan’s troubles. She blames the kids for ruining Ishaan’s life. She tells them that they have separated Ishaan from Sandhya.

She asks them to think of Ishaan and Sandhya’s sorrow, how they are distant because of them. She instigates them to leave the house and go away if they want Ishaan to live in peace. She asks them not to punish Ishaan this way. The kids decide to leave the house for the sake of Ishaan. They leave the house without informing anyone. Sweety gets happy to get rid of them. Mauli prays at the temple and leaves for the clinic. Kunal spies on her to validate her truth. He feels guilty to doubt on her. He feels he is doing wrong and should apologize to Mauli. Mauli informs Ishaan that she is reaching the clinic.

On the other hand Mauli will get angry with Kunal for mistreating his daughters and not caring about their emotions.Mauli will plan to reveal the truth to Kunal as she can no more handle the situation.Kunal gets upset as he doesn’t want to go to Ishaan’s (Kinshuk Mahajan) house and he gets irked as he doesn’t like Ishaan and Mauli’s friendship and suspects some foul play.Kunal refuses to go to the restaurant with Mauli where they happen to meet the kids and Ishaan.

Ishaan, as usual, shows his concern towards Mauli which triggers Kunal and he raises his hand on Ishaan which leaves Mauli furious and now she can’t take it anymore.Mauli walk out of Kunal

Ishaan surprises her at the clinic and expresses his love. Kunal also heads for the clinic to apologize to Mauli. Ishaan tells Mauli that he wants to spend time with her. Mauli agrees to go with them. Kunal reaches there to meet her and doesn’t see them. He instead finds Mishti and Pari in danger. He runs to save their lives in time. Kunal rescues them and takes their class for being so careless. He asks them if Ishaan knows about them. He gets worried for them. He decides to drop them home. Ishaan and Mauli spend time together at his house. They get a shocker when Kunal reaches them to drop the kids home. Ishaan gets speechless to answer Kunal.

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