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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Update: Mauli’s romantic date,Mauli to face Kunal’s rejection again


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Mauli (Aditi Sharma) plans romantic date surprise for Kunal (Shakti Arora), Kunal lashes in anger

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is gearing up for high voltage drama.Mauli is shocked as she learns that Kunal is going away from city and here she couldn’t hide her feelings.Dida and Yamini take Mauli’s love test by telling Mauli that Kunal is leaving the city forever. Mauli rushes to the airport to stop Kunal, but doesn’t find him. She feels Kunal is gone forever. Mauli cries. Dida and Yamini meet her, and reveal their plan to make Mauli realize her love for Kunal. They tell Mauli that Kunal would be at home. They ask Mauli to take the responsibility of her marriage now.

Mauli rushes to airport to stop Kunal but fails as security doesn’t let her in, while Deeda and Yamini comes there.Mauli gets convinced to meet Kunal and talk to him about their marriage. She learns a lesson. She doesn’t want to lose Kunal. Mauli doesn’t want to use the child to get Kunal back. She wants Kunal to choose her first.

Deeda and Yamini makes Mauli realise that she still loves Kunal and reveals that it was their plan.Kunal and Nandini will have a major confrontation.Kunal and Nandini’s relationship is facing a tough time since Mauli’s birthday party that now Nandini decides to sacrifice her love for Mauli’s happiness who is now pregnant with Kunal’s child.While on the other side, Mauli has yet not revealed her pregnancy to Kunal.

Nandini breaks all ties with Kunal

Nandini ignores Kunal and makes him return back to Mauli while Kunal is stuck in his own dilemma.However, Nandini knows that Kunal will never leave her that now Nandini will try to prove herself not worth for Kunal’s love.The neighbors will once again humiliate Nandini where Nandini will bear all the humiliation and insult realizing she doesn’t deserve true love.

Kunal records a message for Nandini. He apologizes for his mistakes. Mauli watches the video and gets confused. She feels the emotional message is for her. Kunal invites Nandini on the dinner date.Deeda makes Mauli realise that she still loves Kunal and thus Mauli takes a decision to unite back with Kunal.Mauli is ready to give second chance to Kunal and her relationship and arranges for romantic date.Mauli arranges romantic date and calls Kunal there mysteriously, Kunal comes running thinking that it’s Nandini.

Kunal refuses love to Mauli

Kunal is happy to sees all arrangements but Mauli comes from behind and hugs Kunal, Kunal is shocked seeing Mauli and is depressed.Kunal refuses to love Mauli and is not ready to give second chance to their relationship.

Mauli reaches the place happily, that she would be meeting Kunal. Kunal waits for Nandini. He doesn’t know that video has got delivered to Mauli. Mauli meets Kunal and thanks him for giving their marriage a second chance. Kunal gets a big shock on seeing Mauli. Mauli tells him that she is ready to forget and forgive all his mistakes, they shall have a new beginning, they should reconcile for the sake of the child. She dresses up like Nandini and tells him that all her anger is gone, she will not fail this time to keep him happy, she will behave and appear as he wants.

Mauli and Kunal’s romantic date

Mauli reaches home and takes care of sick Kunal, Mauli is ready to give second chance to Kunal and her relationship.She is ready to change herself for Kunal. She tells him that she really wants to keep the marriage. Kunal understands Mauli’s feelings and finds her hurt. She tells him that this time she will make her marriage more beautiful. Kunal gets away and rejects Mauli’s love again. He tells her that he can’t force his emotions this way, and that video was for Nandini, he was waiting for Nandini. Mauli’s hopes shatter once again. She gets crying and rushes away.

Mauli arranged romantic date setup and calls Kunal for surprise, whereas Kunal assumes that it is done by Nandini and gets shocked seeing Mauli there and lashes at her.

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