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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Update: Nandini Mauli’s sindoor daan, Kunal Nandini Mauli’s trisome love


Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal (Shakti Arora), Nandini (Drashti Dhami) and Mauli’s trisome love chemistry goes Dil Se Dil Tak way

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka is up for high voltage drama.Kunal, Nandini and Mauli are together in Durga pooja and destiny seems to play it’s game.Destiny seems to play it’s game and gives signal of love to Kunal, Mauli and Nandini as they had their hit and miss.Kunal mistakenly fills Mauli’s hairline and Mauli inturn applies her sindoor to Nandini and shares love.Kunal, Mauli and Nandini’s trisome chemistry.

Kunal, Mauli and Nandini shares this new trisome chemistry and now soon a shocking twist in story will take place.Nandini and Mauli will come to the conclusion of sharing Kunal’s love and thus will go Dil Se Dil Tak way.Kunal is searching for Nandini amid durga pooja and mistakenly applies sindoor to Mauli’s hairline.

While later Mauli applies her hairline sindoor to Nandini amid sindoor khela and both are shocked.This seems to be the indication of God for Mauli, Nandini and to spark trisome chemistry of love.

Kunal, Mauli and Nandini’s trisome chemistry

Will Kunal, Nandini and Mauli will walk a new way of love with trisome chemistry and romance and if so will society accept this.Kunal, Nandini and Mauli’s love seems to win this time as now one will be defeated and hurt.Kunal had to do pooja with Nandini but he didn’t reach there as Deeda plays her game and spikes Kunal’s drink.

Deeda spikes Kunal’s drink and makes him sleep, while as soon as Kunal wakes up he rushes to Nandini’s house.Kunal finds that Nandini had done to Durga pooja and goes after her, while there he tries to search Nandini.Mauli and Nandini’s sindoor daan,Mauli is also present there and Kunal mistakenly applies sindoor to Mauli’s hairline although both are unaware.

Nandini and Mauli now takes part in sindoor khela and Nandini applies sindoor to Mauli and Mauli in turn applies sindoor from her hairline to Nandini.Nandini and Mauli seems to share sindoor and soon realise that they had done it

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