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Spoiler 21st September 2018


Silsila Spoiler: Kunal meets with an accident. Nandini rushes him to hospital. Mauli learns the news and comes to see Kunal. She finds Nandini with Kunal, and goes away. Mauli realizes Nandini’s concern and love for Kunal. Nandini gets mad seeing Kunal’s unconscious state. She begs doctor to treat Kunal. She asks doctor not to hide anything from her, what happened to Kunal, why isn’t he responding. She asks him to save Kunal some how. She cries for Kunal. Mauli can’t tolerate Nandini’s love for Kunal. She thinks Nandini has taken her place in Kunal’s life. She gets shattering. Doctor tells Nandini that Kunal will get conscious on some time, he will call her in ward later.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Spoiler:
Guddan escapes from Mehendi ceremony. She doesn’t want to marry Akshat. Her three bahus help her in running away. Durga feels Guddan is troublesome. She does want Guddan to marry Akshat. She acts sweet and fools Guddan. The bahus wanted such a Saas who takes their load on their shoulders, but seeing immature Guddan, they get irritated and find her useless for them.

Nimki Mukhiya Spoiler:
Nimki celebrates Teej with the family. The women don’t keep fast and anger Anaro. Nimki also clears that she is pretending everything. She wants women to stand for their rights. Nimki supports Sweety and Chachi. Rituraj keeps a fast for his wife. Nimki brings a change in the village. Anaro gets insulting Nimki. She was expecting Nimki to keep fast for Babbu. Nimki tells Anaro that she didn’t keep any fast for Babbu, she is just acting of fasting to show my dad that everything is fine between Babbu and me, I will have some food outside. Anaro gets a Sautan for Nimki to make her jealous. Nimki asks Babbu’s other wife to keep fast for him. Nimki has no feeling for Babbu now. She has seen Babbu’s selfishness and all her expectations from her marriage fell flat.

Ishq Mein Marjawa Spoiler:
Aarohi gets a big shock when she finds Tara and Virat in her parents’ place. Tara and Virat catch her and laugh on her helplessness. Aarohi sheds tears. They try their best to make Aarohi against Deep. Virat tells her that Deep has kidnapped her parents. Aarohi misunderstands her. Deep learns that Virat is Malik. Tara and Virat put her in trouble and leave. They celebrate their success. Deep fights the goons and saves Aarohi’s parents. He reaches home and finds Tara and Virat celebrating. He shoots at the wine glass and shocks them. He slaps Virat. They get into a fight. Deep doesn’t want Tara to harm Aarohi and her parents. Deep gets angry on Virat, since Virat has troubled them a lot as Malik.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai Spoiler:
Ilaychi gets unhappy with her result. The family celebrates her success and makes her wear garlands. Ilaychi cries and shocks them. Murari finds her foolish. He asks her is she in shock that she passed. She didn’t wish to pass. Murari gets his result as well. He tells them that he has passed 11th standard exams. He feels he has achieved a big thing. Ilaychi thinks once she passes 12th standard, Murari will get her married to someone. Ilaychi is in love with Pancham.

Mere Sai Spoiler:

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Sai tells people how to break their ego and get free of negative mindset. He meets a rich man Ganpat Rao, who is filled with much ego. Sai checks people’s worth. He tells everyone that Ganpat isn’t mature yet. Ganpat didn’t imagine Sai will make fun of him. He asks how dare you make fun of me in front of villagers, who do you think you are, a bunch of people know you, but all the kings of the country know me. He boasts of himself. He tells Sai that he is an artist, and is much respected by the kings. He thinks he is a great man. He asks Sai to apologize to him. He says you are smiling when I m scolding you. Sai tells him that he wants to explain about ego. Sai will help Ganpat get rid of his ego, and set an example for others.

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler:
Zeenat collapses in tension. Zara and family members get worried for her. Zara rushes Zeenat to the hospital. Zeenat gets admitted and treated. Zara prays for Zeenat’s welfare. Zara wants Kabeer to inform them about Ruksar. She wishes Ruksar comes back safely and everything gets fine between them. Kabeer calls Zara, but she fails to talk to him, since she is with Zeenat. She wants to inform Kabeer about Zeenat’s worsening state. Zeenat tells Zara that she wants to talk to Ruksar once. She asks Zara to unite her with her sister. Zara falls helpless.