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Spoilers 10th October 2018


Bepanah Spoiler :

Anjana has arranged muhdikhayi ceremony for Zoya and tells her to get ready.Zoya is happy and so is Aditya as it is the beginning that Anjana is accepting Zoya.While Aditya and Zoya are unaware of the fact that Anjana is not accepting Zoya and is rather conspiring.Anjana make Zoya get drunk by spiking her juice and thus plays with Zoya and insults her infront of her friends.Zoya and Anjana’s muhdikhayi tashan,Zoya acts drunk and is all hay way, while Anjana tries to get Aditya’s sympathy but will Aditya believe over his mother.Aditya knows that how Anjana is and Zoya can never do that and will stand by Zoya.

Zoya loves Aditya a lot. She calls the murder blame on Aditya a wrong thing. She gets Pooja’s diary and reads it. She gets a shock reading it. She learns Pooja wasn’t happy with Aditya. She wants to find Yash and Pooja’s real murderer. Zoya gets stuck in this dilemma. Zoya doesn’t suspect Anjana. He wants to prove Aditya’s innocence. She gets her faith back in Aditya.

Kasautii Zindagi Kay Spoiler :

Prerna takes Anurag along in a shocking trip where they are making a couple runaway.This will end up getting Anurag arrested, Anurag will be arrested and call reaches Basu house.Mohini bursts at Rajesh as Anurag and Prerna are arrested and Mohini accuses Prerna for all this mess in Anurag’s life.Anurag and Prerna’s new jail trip,Rajesh is shocked while Moloy gets Anurag and Prerna both back home but things will change to new trouble.Anurag will realise it more that when Prerna can herself take risk for someone’s love then why will she marry Naveen for money.Will Anurag learn Prerna’s real reason of marrying Naveen

Internet Wala Love Spoiler

Did You Read Yesterday Update ?

Earlier seen that how Karan Johar makes Jai and Aadhya realize their love for each other where now the duos love story will begin in real life.Jai and Aadhya’s romantic date will bring up a big twist as Samrat has started suspecting Jai and Aadhya’s connecting link.Samrat is going to execute his final move while here Jai is trying his best to break Samrat and Aadhya’s wedding allianceBut he will end up facing Aadhya’s anger who realizes his foul play in jewelry shop when he tried to harm his Dadi and Roopa, but Aadhya saved his family from the disguise goon aka Jai.

Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler:
Rithvik and Palak are happy for Aman, who is in love with some girl. He is in much love and hides his love tale. Palak and Sethu tease Aman. They are happy that Aman has finally found his love. They try to get his love letter. Aman doesn’t let them get it. Aman has supported Palak and Rithvik’s love. Everyone wants Aman to get married soon. They have no idea about the girl. Palak asks Aman who is that girl. She learns that the girl is from their family. She is excited. She knows Aman will just bring happiness in the girl’s life. Palak misses Rithvik. She gets stressed since he isn’t at home. She wants him to come back soon. Aman wishes the girl accepts his love. Rithvik gets trapped by Vikrant’s conspiracy. Vikrant has much problems with Rithvik. He plots to teach a lesson to Rithvik. Palak and Sethu spy on Vikrant and try to learn his plotting. Palak wants to expose Vikrant’s plotting.

Papa By Chance Spoiler: Yuvaan gets upset with Amrit. She tries to convince Yuvaan. She thinks how to end his annoyance. He plays with the kids and teaches them basketball game. Amrit comes them. She looks gorgeous in a saree. Yuvaan gets distracted. He acts that he doesn’t care for her. The kids ask Amrit to play with them, and also compliment her look. They ask her to wear saree every day. Yuvaan says I have no time to see anyone. He pretends that he isn’t seeing Amrit. The kids want Amrit and Gungun to make a team and play with them. Yuvaan taunts Amrit for not believing him. He says Amrit has no time, as she is always busy judging people.

Jija ji Chath Par Hai Spoiler:
Murari hides the secret of his night disappearance. His behavior changes after he comes home the next day. Ilaychi questions him about his whereabouts. Everyone else asks the same. Murari gets lying to Ilaychi that he was at a friend’s place. Chote says you have no friend other than me. Murari says you aren’t my friend at first place. His weird behavior makes Chote suspicious of him. Murari slaps Chote. He makes Chote sit for massage and beats him up. Chote asks him to spare his life. Murari’s look alike Banwari takes his place and does strange things. He doesn’t want anyone to doubt on him. Banwari learns things and people’s names by talking to them, and acts smart to trick everyone. Ilaychi and Pancham will find his truth and expose him.

Main Maayke Chale Jaungi Spoiler:

Jaya keeps the fast for Samar, and faints. She falls much sick. Satya creates a big drama in the hospital. She gets the contract papers and shows it to Rama. She scolds Rama and her family. Jaya gets ill. Satya blames Rama for Jaya’s illness. Rama is innocent. She didn’t do anything. Satya can’t bear her daughter’s pain. Satya taunts that Rama can never become Jaya’s mum. Rama and Samar stay worried for Jaya. Satya doesn’t let them meet Jaya in the hospital. Nurse gets the consent form and asks Samar to sign. Satya takes the rights away from him. She tells nurse that she is Jaya’s mother.

Ishqbaaz Spoiler:

Anika wants Shivay to start a new life. She doesn’t want to live in sorrow. She knows why Shivay has shot Tej. She knows his innocence. She becomes a pillar of strength for him. She also fights with obstacles, when Shivay faces his family’s hatred. Anika and Shivay get together to win their family back. Anika wants the family to forget the past and reconnect with Shivay. Shivay gets upset that he lost his brothers’ love.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Spoiler: Mauli gets too hurt because of Kunal and Nandini’s relation. She recollects how she used to ask Kunal for petty things. She cries thinking of him. She decides to fix everything on her own. Kunal comes to help her. Mauli asks him if he will always be with her to help. Kunal gets silent. She gets his answer and asks him not to pretend his concern. She makes Kunal leave. She cries for Kunal. Her hopes get down. Nandini celebrates Mauli’s birthday. Mauli meets Nandini in the birthday party. She drinks a lot. When Kunal stops her, she asks him if she has no right to stay happy.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Spoiler: Sikandar and Tevar have an argument over Kulfi. Tevar asks Sikandar why isn’t he accepting the truth. Sikandar tells him that he knows the entire truth about Lovely and his past relation and their daughter. He accepts Tevar as Kulfi’s father, being left with no option. He can’t let Tevar know that Amyra is his daughter. They turn into friends for Kulfi’s sake. Kulfi tells them that she has grown up and has to go school. She makes them promise that they will send her to school. They promise to get her school admission done soon. She gets glad by their friendship.