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Spoilers 11th February 2019


Patiala Babes :Minni and Babita is up to fight back strongly and give befitting reply to Ashok.Babita and Minni are all up to give answer to Ashok and to give strong fight to him.Babita tells court that she wants to give strong answer to Ashok and his lawyer over what all allegations they have put over her.Babita strongly puts her point infront of court and tells court as how Ashok left her with family and had gone away.Babita gives a strong reply to Ashok in court by nullifying all his allegations against her.

Babita tells court that Ashok’s family will also speak in her favor as they have always consider her as their daughter.Ashok and Babita’s clash begins,Here Ashok fumes in anger but couldn’t say anything, Minni is proud of her mother Babita.Babita is all set to fight this battle as jhansi ki rani and not let anyone degrade her self esteem.Babita accuses Ashok for betraying her and not thinking about her and his own family.Babita is stuck in bitter situation as what all drama will unfold post this as Ashok smirks seeing Babita’s this bold avatar.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:Sahil and Vedika part ways because of Pankti as her pregnancy report comes as positive.Pankti feels bad that Sahil and Vedika are separated because of her and even yells at her mother.Pankti even throws her mother out of Agarwal house and tells her that if she will not go then she will commit suicide.Pankti’s pregnancy report proves that she is pregnant and Vedika puts all her doubt over Sahil.Vedika’s doubt over Sahil turns true as she has seen Sahil and Pankti on same bed and now Pankti’s pregnancy proves all.Vedika and Sahil’s separation ,Here Pankti refuses to let Sahil and Vedika be separated because of her and knows that it is all her mother’s planning.

Here Sahil has kidnapped his own son and brings her to Agarwal house and arranges his naamkaran ceremony.Sahil wants Vedika to return back to Agarwal house for her son and stay with him so that he may get one chance to prove his innocence.Here Pankti is in tears before naamkaran ceremony as she recalls how she behaved with her mother and also blames herself for Sahil and Vedika’s separation.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai :Sameer and Naina’s life takes new turn as their wedding preparations are in full swing and sangeet ceremony is organised.Maheshwari’s does leave any opportunity to taunt Aggarwal family showing off their richness.Adding more drama to the same Mami taunts Naina over Rakesh’s absence which leaves her in tears.Sameer and Naina’s pre-wedding functions has begun and things are working well.While Anand and Bela has to face yet another trouble which is about convincing Rakesh to attend his daughter Naina’s wedding and forget what all happened.

Maheshwari’s has also become part of Sameer’s happiness after what all happened, while now Agarwal family and Naina comes for sangeet ceremony.Here Naina is searching for Sameer while Mama and Mami are planning something different.Mama and Mami taunts Agarwal family and Naina,Mama and Mami taunts Agarwal family over Rakesh’s absence from the sangeet ceremony and Naina feels bad.Anand is tensed while Bela consoles him and tells him that soon everything will be fine, while here Taiji is taking all efforts to not let Rakesh go to wedding.Seeing Naina in tears Anand makes Rakesh realise his mistake who finally makes his surprising entry during the Sangeet ceremony which makes Sameer Naina happy.

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Kasauti Zindagi Kay :Anurag defends Prerna as his mother Mohini speaks ill against Prerna as Anurag loves Prerna.Prerna and Anurag loves each other and has even confessed their feelings to one another and are happy.While their this happiness will bring them too close where they will end up consummating their love.This consummation will bring shocking turn as Mohini will land in coma and her condition detoriates.Anurag and Prerna’s love has taken front seat as Anurag promise Prerna that he will convince family for their love and sort everything.While Prerna has full trust over Anurag and stands by him, while the story takes new turn as Komolika has her eyes over Anurag.

Komolika is super irked seeing how Anurag and Moloy are supporting Prerna and she wants to replace Prerna in Anurag’s life.Anurag, Moloy and family rushes Mohini to hospital where she gets hearted but her condition starts to detoriate and Nivedita puts all blame over Prerna.Anurag defends Prerna against Mohini and Nivedita.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai :Naira is all shattered with Kartik’s lie and now she loses her baby Krish as well and also trust over Kartik.This brings Naira all down to pain and she refuses to stay in Goenka house with Kartik and goes back to Singhania house.Kartik’s truth comes forth Naksh and Keerti and they marks their bang on entry in Goenka house.Naksh raises hand over Kartik and lashes him for taking advantage of their trust and taking away their son.Naira couldn’t bear this and runs with Krish to her room, Keerti, Naksh and all family goes after Naira.Kartik’s one mistake has devastated Goenka’s and Singhania’s life, Kartik is all shattered as Naira suffers major trauma.

Naira takes decision to go away from Kartik, Manish, Dadi and others couldn’t do anything.Here Naira takes all pain to be with Krish and even apologize for what all happened and Keerti knows that Naira was unaware of truth and is not at fault.Keerti and Singhnia’s all see that what pain Naira is going through and how much she loves Krish.Keerti and Naira’s pain,Keerti and Naira are haring same pain as they both are separated from their children and now they are standing infront of each other.Dadi, Manish knows that it is Kartik’s fault and here Naira goes to stay at Singhania house while Kartik begs to Naira to return back.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala :

Lovely has played her game too well and has kicked out Nimrat from Sikandar’s life and now it’s Kulfi’s turn.Lovely makes Amyra fall ill by drinking poison and puts all blame over Sikandar saying that she was stressed over their divorce.Lovely has full proof plan to separate Kulfi and Sikandar forever, Lovely now puts Siandar in difficult situation.Here Lovely asks Sikandar to make a choice amid Kulfi and Amyra, Sikandar finds Amyra at risk.Sikandar thus has to take a decision where he choose Amyra over Kulfi , Kulfi is send to boarding school.

Lovely will not stop here as she is going to play bigger game and thus Lovely stops Sikandar from meeting Amyra.Lovely and Sikandar’s new game,Here she asks Sikandar to make a choice amid Kulfi and Amyra and gives a term to fulfill.Sikandar is stuck and thus agrees to leave Kulfi and choose Amyra, but Sikandar tells Lovely that he will not leave Kulfi anywhere.This begins Kulfi’s new journey where she has face new trouble as new kids will torture her andmake her life hell.