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Spoilers 11th September 2018


Kaliren Spoiler 11th September 2018:
Vivaan misses Meera. He dreams about Meera. They have a moment. Sunny returns in Meera’s life to trouble her. Meera tracks Sunny by using the fake witness. Meera gets caught by Sunny. She wants to free Vivaan from jail any way. Vivaan falls in Sunny’s planning. He runs away from the jail, being worried for Meera. Vivaan reaches home and looks for Meera. He gets worried when he doesn’t see Meera. He gets a message from Sunny, who calls him at the godown if he wants to save Meera. Vivaan reaches Meera. She asks him why did he break the prison, everyone will blame him wrong. She tells him that even his jail escape was Sunny’s trap. Vivaan hears Sunny’s crime confession. He angrily goes to beat Sunny, but Meera stops him. Sunny gets surprised when Meera saves him from Vivaan. Meera gets compelled by Sunny. He blackmails her for leaving from Vivaan’s life.

Silsila Spoiler 11th September 2018: Nandini performs in the function. She has a dance face off with Tara. Nandini imagines Kunal dancing with her romantically. Nandini wins the dance challenge. Tara falls down during her performance and loses. Rajdeep takes a disguise of a drummer. He keeps an eye on Nandini. Rajdeep plans Nandini’s wardrobe malfunction. Kunal learns this and reaches Nandini to save her from embarrassment. Kunal really performs with Nandini and covers her up. Everyone thinks Kunal and Nandini’s act was a part of the dance. Kunal’s family asks him how did he dance with Nandini this way. Mauli feels bad seeing them.

Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoiler 11th September 2018:
Vedika gets back to life. Sahil showers love on her. He turns too caring for him. He gets her home. Vedika reveals the truth which Deepak has told her. This shocks the family. Sahil worries that Vedika could have lost her life. He hides his concern and tells Vedika that he hates her. Vedika knows he loves her. Vedika feels guilty that Sadika isn’t her child. She wants to know where is her own child. She will also find her child.

YRKKH Spoiler 11th September 2018:Kartik and Naira’s heart have united again. Their hide and seek romance is going on.They relive their old story and cutely fight. They want to get remarried, but only after convincing the families. They don’t want to hurt anyone’s heart. Kartik falls short of breath when the cupboard gets locked for long. Naira worries for him. He asks her to help him soon, he isn’t able to take a breath. Naira struggles and opens the cupboard. Kartik falls out and thankfully stays fine. Naira asks him to rush home fast. Manish learns that Kartik isn’t at home. He tries to know since when is Kartik away from the house. He checks the security system footage and sees Kartik going out at night hours.