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Spoilers 12th October 2018


Silsila Spoiler: Mauli accepts that Kunal can never return to her. Kunal has chosen Nandini over Mauli. Mauli and Kunal are behaving like a happy couple just for Dida’s happiness. Mauli learns about her pregnancy and gets worried. She didn’t wish that the pregnancy news will come in such a time when Kunal isn’t with her. Dida also gets this news about Mauli’s pregnancy. Dida and Yamini get very happy and congratulate Mauli. They believe that the coming child will get Kunal and Mauli closer. Mauli knows Kunal doesn’t love her now. She doesn’t know how will he react hearing about her pregnancy. She wants the child to get the father’s love. Mauli gets stressed. Dida encourages her to save the marriage.

Kalirein Spoiler:
Vivaan gets threatened by some mysterious caller. Someone asks him to come and meet her at the place where their love story started. She threatens to reveal all the evidences and trap him. Vivaan goes to meet the caller at Paromita’s old haveli. He gets a huge shock on seeing Paromita alive. He then realizes Meera’s plan.

Udaan Spoiler:
Suraj and Chakor realize Rajeshwari’s planning to break their courage. They stay strong and take the support of media to stop Rajeshwari’s evil. Bacha Pandey sends the goons to kidnap the little girls. The school bus takes a wrong route. The goon cleverly makes Chakor out of the bus and flees. Chakor breaks down when Rajeshwari calls her and threatens her about dire consequences. Chakor can’t risk Anjor and other girl’s lives. She runs after the bus to catch the goons.

Shakti Spoiler:

Some kinners come to Singh house. They try to remind Harman the past. Its Raavi’s planning. Raavi wants Harman to recollect his past and his real Gulabo, since the fake Gulabo has started torturing them. Raavi wants Soumya back. Raavi asks the people to do the drama to remind Harman about Soumya. Harman loses his cool on seeing the kinners. A man plays the dhol and gets the group home, just like Harman used to support the kinners when they went to get charity. Harman used to play the dhol and get money for kinners. Harman doesn’t recollect anything. He slaps the man and tells him that he hates kinners. He asks them to get out of his house. Raavi’s plan fails.

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler:
Kabeer, Zara and Ruksar take the matter to Shariah board. Kabeer stays stressed as he would have to accept the decision of the board. Kabeer produces the Nikaahnama with Ruksar. He is trying his best to divorce Ruksar. Ruksar is asked her consent in the family. Ruksar lies to them that she will divorce Kabeer. But, she changes her statement in the court. She tells the court that Kabeer and his family are compelling her for the divorce. Ruksar’s true face gets known to all. Everyone starts hating Ruksar. Kabeer’s mum wants Kabeer and Zara to live in peace. She doesn’t eat food and stays worried. Kabeer worries for Zara and also his mum.

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Ishq Mein Marjawan Spoiler:

Virat’s goons follow Aarohi. Aarohi runs inside the jungle to get saved. Deep also follows her to find her. Tara wants to kill Aarohi. She swears to kill Aarohi, else she will shoot herself. Virat stops Tara from the madness. Virat tells Tara that he has killed Aarohi. They catch Kashyap. They have made such a plan that Aarohi feels Deep has killed her, and Deep feels that Aarohi has committed a suicide. Deep gets in a big shock knowing Aarohi and his child are dead. Aarohi won’t be dying. Deep will learn about her survival. Virat and Tara don’t know what actually happened, and want to confirm Aarohi’s death.

Jiji Maa Spoiler:

Falguni reveals Piyali’s entire evil deeds to Niyati. She exposes Piyali and hopes that Niyati believes her this time. Niyati gets a big shock with Piyali’s truth. She feels sorry to know that Falguni has suffered so much alone. Falguni tells her that she has done everything to reform Piyali, but this didn’t happen. Uttara sends her aide to Piyali’s old lover, who is more dangerous than them. She wants the guy back in Piyali’s life, so that he can control Piyali. Uttara wants to stop Suyash and Piyali’s marriage at any cost.

Nimki Mukhiya Spoiler:
Nimki gets self encouraged and tries to reform Babbu’s family. She supports Sweety, and also feels that Babbu’s heart is changing towards her. Anaro gets insecure thinking Babbu is also liking Nimki. Nimki asks Anaro not to do more bad deeds. She warns her that her children are bearing the punishment of their bad deeds. Anaro can’t lose Sweety and Babbu to Nimki. Nimki is unhappy in her marriage. Ram Bachan wants Nimki to divorce Babbu, and get married to Abhimanyu. Nimki looks forward to get Sweety married to Abhimanyu, but Nimki learns a big truth that Abhimanyu was in love with her and wanted to marry her. She feels she has been unjust towards Abhimanyu. Nimki feels guilty.