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Spoilers 17th September 2018


Kaliren Spoiler:
Sunny troubles Meera and Vivaan a lot. He tries his best to stop Meera. Sunny tells her that he has fixed a bomb at home, if she wants to save Vivaan’s love, she has to become of him. Meera scolds him for stooping low. Meera takes a Devi avatar and attacks Sunny to teach him a lesson. She doesn’t want to bear his tortures more. She gets raging. She wants to protect Vivaan and her family. Sunny gets a big shock seeing her angry avatar. He runs to save his life. She tells him that she will kill him in order to save her respect and love. He begs her for life. She asks him to repent for his mistake and remove the bomb from the house. Vivaan gets angry seeing Meera with Sunny. Meera doesn’t want Vivaan to have any misunderstanding in mind.

Roop Spoiler:
Roop and Ishika have a romantic dream. They both have developed feelings for each other. Roop dreams about Ishika and sings for her. They have good moments.

Ishq Mein Marjawan Spoiler:

Deep follows Aarohi to confront her.Aarohi shoots at Deep to stop him. Deep gets saved. Aarohi threatens Deep. He isn’t scared of her useless threatening. Deep and Aarohi know each other’s secrets. Deep tries to know the secret from Aarohi and compels her. Aarohi tells him that she has changed now and won’t fall in his plan. Mausi attacks Aarohi. She tries to kill Aarohi and uses chloroform to faint her. Aarohi gets saved by her aide Kashyap. Aarohi makes a quick leave. Mausi is also vampish and misleads Deep about Aarohi.

Papa By Chance Spoiler:
Yuvaan tries to hide the kids from family, but fails. Everyone learns about the kids. Amrit and her family get troubled by the kids. Ullu and Gungun rebel a lot. Amrit dislikes Yuvaan a lot. She wants Yuvaan and kids to leave from the house. Yuvaan tells Amrit that its his house and he will stay there with kids. He doesn’t want to leave his dad’s house. Amrit and Yuvaan fight more because of the troubling kids.

Jiji Maa Spoiler:

Did You Read Yesterday Update ?

Piyali tries to make her relation better with Niyati. Piyali removes all the old clothes from Niyati’s wardrobe and gets new ones. Niyati asks Piyali where are her old clothes. Piyali asks her if she didn’t like the surprise. Niyati gets the old clothes back and asks Piyali not to dare dump her clothes. She scolds Piyali and tells her how Falguni has herself designed her clothes. She tells how that every dress has memories and efforts of Falguni. She gets more rude towards Piyali and asks her not to get between Falguni and her. Falguni slaps Niyati her from hurting Piyali’s heart.

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler:

Kabeer and Zara’s marriage gets postponed because of Ruksar. Kabeer and Zara promise to get Ruksar home. The family get a shocking news that Ruksar is arrested for her husband’s murder blame. The family can’t believe that Ruksar is imprisoned. Zeenat begs Kabeer to go to Dubai and get Ruksar back at any cost. Ruksar tells them that she is trapped, she is innocent. Kabeer wants to know the truth. Kabeer’s dad tells them that the matter is unclear, they should visit Hamdam’s house and know the matter. They get a huge shock when Hamdam’s mum tells them about Ruksar’s evil to murder Hamdam. Hamdam’s mum blames Ruksar for ruining her family. She tells them that Ruksar has killed her son. She gets raging for revenge. She wants to punish Zeenat as well.

Silsila Spoiler :
Mauli visits a temple. Nandini meets Mauli at the temple and asks her to talk once. Mauli avoids her and wants to get away soon. Nandini stops Mauli and apologizes to her. Mauli vents out her anger on Nandini. She scolds Nandini for backstabbing her trust and taking advantage of their goodness. She calls Nandini selfish to just think of anyone and having an illegitimate affair with Kunal. She speaks out how she regarded Nandini as her own sister and went an extra mile for her. She asks Nandini didn’t she think of her even once before making a relation with Kunal. Mauli is heartbroken. Nandini tells her that she regrets for breaking Mauli’s family. Mauli bursts her anger and tells Nandini that the affair can’t be justified any way. Mauli blames Nandini for ruining her family, happiness and dreams.

Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoiler:
Vedika has finally learnt that Ved is her son. She takes Ved along and plans to leave the city. She gets all her stuff from home and goes away with Ved. Sahil and Bhoomi get angered on Vedika, for taking away their son. Bhoomi goes mad in rage. She asks Sahil to get Ved back. She was insecure since Vedika came back. She has raised Ved like her own son. Sahil and Bhoomi visit Vedika’s house and find it locked. Sahil fumes on Vedika’s big move. He didn’t imagine Vedika will snatch Ved this way.