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Spoilers 19th April 2018


Nimki Mukhiya Spoilers 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update:
Nimki inaugurates a beauty parlor. She becomes a beautician. She finds this new way to collect votes for Tetar Singh. She feels the women will feed good to get pampered in the beauty camp and then she can connect to them. She wants to influence them and make Tetar win. She invites the women for the free beauty treatment. She talks to them and asks them to give their votes to her father-in-law. Babbu also supports Nimki. The opposition party plays a trick and changes the beauty makeup so that the women get allergy on their faces and ruin Nimki’s beauty camp. Nimki smartly catches the lady who changes the makeup and teaches her a lesson. Nimki aims to impress Babbu Singh.

Ishq SubhanAllah Spoilers 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update:
Zara plans a surprise for Kabeer. After much arguments, their distance gets less. Zara gets a cake for celebrating their togetherness. Kabeer gets a surprise seeing the cake. She asks him not to start anything and just cut the cake. She takes selfies with him and smears the cake on his face. Kabeer calls it unfair. Zara’s mischief doesn’t end. Zara and Kabeer’s romance goes on.

Laado 2 Spoilers 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update:
Anushka and Shaurya leave for a journey to meet Amma. They face some obstacles. They have a stop on the way. Anushka prays at a temple and makes a mannat. Shaurya prays that he gets old Juhi back. He doesn’t know about Anushka’s identity. It starts raining. Shaurya cares for Anushka. He doesn’t let Anushka get drenched in rain. He protects her. He becomes a shade for her, which pleases her heart. Shaurya will be facing a conflict of emotions when he learns Anushka’s truth.

Piyaa Albela Spoilers 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update:

There will be a merger episode of Piyaa Albela and Woh Apna Sa. Jia and Arjun meet Naren and Pooja in the temple, and try to get their relation on track. Jia stops everyone from having the poisonous laddoos. Jia helps Naren’s family. Pooja thanks Jia and Arjun for coming as savior for them. Jia gifts sindoor box to Pooja. Arjun asks Naren to fill his wife’s hairline. Pooja and Naren fulfill the rituals in the temple. Pooja isn’t happy when Naren fills sindoor in her hairline. Naren has to put more efforts to please her. He plans more surprises for her. He wants his relation to get fine. Pooja is not agreeing to Naren, when he explains him about Praveen’s heart influence.

Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoilers 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update:

Sahil’s dream will be getting fulfilled. Vedika gets dressed as his wife, decked up in a red bridal saree with sindoor and suhaagan bangles. Sahil gets mesmerized seeing Vedika in such avatar. Sahil stops her and asks her to keep serving him the food. They have a moment. He imagines a happy family moment. He wishes Badi Amma accepts Vedika and eases things for Vedika and him. He wants Vedika in his life. Vedika sits in puja with him to end his Kaal yog. Sahil performs the puja with Vedika. Badi Amma has allowed Vedika so that Sahil gets saved.

Shakti Spoilers 19th April 2018 Written Episode Update:

Soumy a does Harman and Jasleen’s Ghatbandhan. She proceeds their marriage arrangements and cries. Harman and Jasleen exchange the varmala. They sit for the rituals. Soumya sees them in the mandap and fulfills her duty. She packs her stuff and makes a leave from there. Harman decides to marry Jasleen by his wish. Soumya wants to do what gives him happiness. She just does her duty towards her husband. Jasleen is sure to give much happiness which Harman deserves. Jasleen also wishes that Harman realizes his true feelings. She is his childhood friend and wants the best for him. Soumya also believes in Jasleen. She is assured that Harman is marrying the right girl. She gets heartbroken seeing Harman and leaves for a new journey.