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Spoilers 24th September 2018


Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler:
Rithvik gets a bad dream and wakes up. He gets worried for his family, since he is staying away from them. Palak pacifies him. She asks him not to worry about dreams. They have a light moment. She relieves his stress by a head massage. Rithvik thanks her for being with him.

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler:

Zeenat makes Kabeer take an oath that he will save Ruksar at any cost. He has promised Zeenat and entire family that he will save Ruksar, if she is really innocent. The family believes that Ruksar can’t commit a murder, but Zeenat knows Ruksar’s bounds and realizes that she can do anything. She wants Kabeer to reach Ruksar and rescue her. Kabeer isn’t aware of Ruksar’s plotting to get back in his life. Ruksar has murdered Hamdam just to make a re-entry in Kabeer’s life. She has succeeded to stop Kabeer and Zara’s marriage. Kabeer gets compelled to marry Ruksar, when get gets caught in jail. Kabeer and Zara’s relation breaks again. Kabeer recollects his promise to Zeenat that he will save Ruksar. He is in big dilemma.

Tu Aashiqui Spoiler:
Pankti is living with Randhir. Ahaan gets blind in anger when he sees his love with someone else. He gets drunk so that he can get over his sorrow. Ahaan wants to ruin his meaningless life. He can’t handle Pankti’s deceive. He had sacrificed his life and happiness for Pankti, but she left him. He doesn’t know the reason for Pankti’s big change. He wants to get over the past. Ahaan’s drunken state hurts Pankti.

Udaan Spoiler:
Suraj and Chakor reach the haveli and punish Gumaan. The goons try to overpower, but Chakor fills inspiration in villagers to fight for themselves. Suraj bursts his anger on Gumaan, knowing how he has committed his evil crimes. Suraj can’t tolerate evil in his haveli. Suraj and Chakor tackle Gumaan and Imli. Suraj throws Gumaan from the balcony. Gumaan gets hurt. Chakor protects Vatsala from Gumaan. The villagers get together with Suraj and Chakor to punish Gumaan and Imli.

Muskaan Spoiler:
Muskaan gets troubled by Ronak. He mocks her when she picks her broken sandal and goes barefoot for the classes. He tries to talk to her. She doesn’t want anyone to know her background. She tries to avoid Ronak. She stays scared that her identity will be revealed. She doesn’t want people to question her. She thinks if anyone asks her, she can’t lie to them, so its better that no one interacts with her. Ronak always comes in her way. He takes her tiffin and enjoys eating the food. He misses homemade food. He compliments her cooking. She hides the fact that she belongs to a brother. Ronak follows her and asks her why is she running away. She tells him that she just wants to study in college. Ronak starts falling for Muskaan. Their cute arguments begin. Ronak and Muskaan’s friendship will be seen.

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Saam Daam Dand Bhed Spoiler:

Mandira doubts on the fake Daai. Daai wants to fulfill the motive and harm Mandira’s child. Bulbul signals Mandira about Daai harming her. Mandira understands the truth and tries to protect her child. She confronts the Daai for her lies. She asks the Daai to tell the truth, who is she and why had she come. Daai tells her that she is Bulbul’s relative. Mandira says you are lying, I have spoken to Bulbul’s dad and he doesn’t know you, I m Mandira, not Bulbul to come in your words. Daai acts good and gives her some medicines for good health. Mandira shouts on her. She refuses to have medicines.

Shakti Spoiler:
Soumya fights with Lavneet and gets Harman with her. She stops Lavneet from charming Harman. She couldn’t see their romance. Lavneet wants to get Harman. She knows Soumya is a hurdle in her path. She tries to woo Harman. Soumya becomes their romance breaker. Soumya and Lavneet have a cat fight. Soumya gets hurt. Harman gets concerned for Soumya. He doesn’t like Soumya getting hurt. Harman saves Soumya from the kinners group.

Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoiler:
Ved accepts Vedika as his mother, while Sahil and Bhoomi are also trying to get Ved. Bhoomi gets jealous when Ved hugs Vedika. Bhoomi scolds Nisha for making Ved identify his real mother. She asks Nisha not to try any black magic on Ved. Sahil and Vedika’s terms get worse. They stop talking because of their anger. Nisha performs black magic on Sahil too. He gets possessed. Sahil romances Vedika. Vedika turns puzzled over Sahil’s changing behavior. He dances with her. She thinks something has happened to Sahil.