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Spoilers 25th September 2018


Kaliren Spoiler:
Meera struggles with her blindness. She feels sorry for herself. She can’t accept such shocking change in her life. She goes to light diya in temple. Meera lights diya and gets her hand burnt. She cries and gets Dolly’s support. She tells Dolly that she can’t live this way. Dolly and Meera have an emotional moment. Dolly encourages her. Meera depends on others since she can’t handle her life alone. She gets a bouquet. She thinks Vivaan has sent the gift for her. Sunny meets Meera and asks her how did she like the flowers, if she can see the colour of the flowers, or can just feel it. He gets taunting her over her blindness to break her down.

Muskaan Spoiler:
Sapna spikes Muskaan’s drink. Muskaan goes for the Mujra. She performs well, and doesn’t let anyone know that she is drunk. She dances with much grace and pleases Tabassum. Sapna and Rakhi’s plan to do worse with Muskaan fails. Muskaan doesn’t lose courage.

YRKKH Spoiler: After a hearty conversation with Suwarna, Kartik hands over his marriage invitation card to Naira. He asks Naira if she didn’t expect to receive this shock so soon. He tells her that he found a nice girl so soon, Ashi was always considered to become his life partner, and Ashi is the one who is the chosen girl. Naira and Singhanias are fighting with the new sorrow of Naira’s illness. Kartik tells Naira that he will give her the first card, instead keeping it for Lord. Singhanias and Goenkas keep their silence, watching Kartik and Naira’s tensions. Kartik thinks Naira will be worried, knowing about his marriage.

Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoiler:
Bhoomi gets mad to get Ved. She meets a tantric and tells her that Vedika has done black magic on Ved. She asks tantric to help her save Ved. Sahil reaches there and asks Bhoomi why is she depending on such black magic. He scolds Bhoomi and takes Ved from her. Bhoomi’s plan fails. He gets upset with Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells Sahil that Vedika has done black magic on Ved, and Badi Amma got black magic stuff from Vedika’s room. She just wants Ved with her and becomes desperate to oppose Vedika.

Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler:
Rithvik and Palak have romantic moments. She sees him getting bothered by sunlight. She gets a umbrella to protect him from sunlight. She tells him that she is always there to protect him. She knows Rithvik will also protect her always. They both care for each other and spend good time.

Ishq Subhan Allah Spoiler:

Did You Read Yesterday Update ?

Ruksar gets happy that Kabeer is marrying him. She dances with joy. Kabeer asks Ruksar to stay away, when she goes to hug him. She feels her life’s motive got completed that Kabeer is marrying her. She asks Kabeer if he is really marrying her, does he not hate her now. Kabeer gives her a positive reply. Ruksar tells him that she loves him the most. Ruksar will be becoming Kabeer’s second wife. Zara won’t accept the marriage, since Kabeer didn’t seek her consent before marrying Ruksar. Zara imagines Kabeer around. They spend emotional moments in her dream. Zara speaks her feelings to Kabeer and hugs him. Zara is lost in his thoughts. She sees Kabeer everywhere. She misses Kabeer.

Silsila Spoiler:
Silsila and Internet Wala Love will be merging with Shakti. Jai and Aadhya meet Kunal’s family during Ganpati festival. Dida likes Jai’s internet tips. She tells him that she likes techology. Jai and Aadhya gift a nice photo to Kunal and Mauli. Mauli sees Nandini’s photo with Kunal and her. She gets angry. Jai and Aadhya perform together and get close. Aadhya senses something is wrong. She doesn’t know the equations between Mauli and Kunal. She asks Mauli if everything is fine. Mauli hides the matter and appears fine and happy. She asks Aadhya to meet the guests. Aadhya and Jai wish everyone on Navratri. Mauli doesn’t feel like celebrating the festive and pretends to be together with Kunal.