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Spoilers 3rd September 2018


Saam Daam Dand Bhed Spoiler:
Mandira returns to Vijay’s family as surrogate. She hides her face from Vijay and his family. She will be planning against Vijay and Bulbul once again. Everyone assumes that Mandira is in mental asylum. The family is supporting Bulbul in her surrogacy. Bulbul observes the surrogate getting close to Vijay. She suspects the woman. Mandira tries to end Bulbul’s suspicion. Mandira has planned everything to return to Vijay’s life. Vijay asks Bulbul to accompany to the village and meet the women. Bulbul refuses. He asks her to come along as she is his wife and can help him in talking to the women. Mandira tells him that he will come along. Vijay recollects Mandira by getting suspicious about Mishri. Mandira wants to use the child for getting her motives fulfilled.

Roop Spoiler:

Shamsher has ousted Roop from the house, but he gets a shelter at Palak’s house. Roop doesn’t know that Palak is in love with him. Palak can’t see Roop hurt. Palak gets upset on knowing about Roop and Ishika’s growing friendship. Palak fights with Roop. She asks Roop where is he going so urgently. Roop doesn’t tell her and goes to meet Ishika. Palak follows him. She gets jealous on seeing them together, Roop and Ishika have a moment. Ishika falls for Roop and feels he is a nice person. Roop hears her talking like him. He gets happy that she has accepted his friendship. Palak feels just she has a right on her best friend Roop.

Silsila Spoiler:
Mauli tells Kunal that they should start a family. He gets confused as his inclination is towards Nandini now. Kunal tries to avoid Mauli. He is blind in love with Nandini. Mauli and Kunal get worried for Nandini. They check Nandini’s missed calls and wonder if Nandini is in any danger. Mauli calls back Nandini and tries to talk to her. Kunal gets panicking. He just thinks for Nandini and wants to rush to her to help her. He doesn’t care for Mauli.

Aapke Aa Jane Se Spoiler:
Vedika decides to get her child back from Bhoomi. She wants to take Ved with her. Sahil gets angry on Vedika and doesn’t want her interference in his life. He recollects his past with Vedika, when he finds her wearing his gifted saree. Vedika wants to bring her life on right track.

Dil Hi Toh Hai Spoiler:
Palak gets engaged to Naman. Palak’s alliance with Rithvik has broken after the huge drama at Setu’s marriage. Naman wants to marry Palak and give her the deserving respect. Palak gives her nod for marriage with Naman, just to give a reply to Rithvik. Palak takes this step in anger. She thinks its time she should forget Rithvik and think about her family. Naman has two children and wants Palak to become a good mother for his children. Palak is unhappy with the alliance. But, she is agreeing to her parents just for their self-respect. Palak’s mom tells her that she has found a nice guy for her. When Palak imagines Rithvik around, she realizes that it will be tough for her to forget him.

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Internet Wala Love Spoiler:
Jai and his family want Aadhya to leave the house, which is their property now. Aadhya worries for her parents’ spoiling relation. She tries to balance her life. Jai had to face many things because of Aadhya’s slap incident. Jai uploads the videos on social media and reveals that he is dating Aadhya. Jai creates troubles for Aadhya. Aadhya and her family get insulted by the neighbors because of Jai. Aadhya explains them that she didn’t do anything wrong. She calls off the rumors.

Savitri Devi Spoiler:

Veer loses his sister Priya shockingly, because of Naintara’s evil. The family keeps a prayer meet for Priya. Veer sheds tears on his sister’s loss. He stays worried for Anand too. He doesn’t know what’s happening in his family suddenly.