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Tantra 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Akshat Behind A Life In Jalsa


Tantra 11th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Tantra Written Update on

Tantra 11th March 2019 Episode Start With Sumati brings the tea and watches Akshat moving to Prithvi with his hand held for Prithvi’s neck. She stops Akshat, but Akshat was instead massaging Prithvi. Sumati was terrified, but Prithvi enjoyed the massage. Akshat tells Prithvi a few of his muscles are stiff; they must go for morning walk where he can share a few stretches with him. Prithvi offers Sumati to join them too. She was worried how to protect the family, and wonders if Niyati found Akshat’s clothes or not.

Niyati looks into the laundry basket which was empty. She gets a call from Dr. Daksh who asks her to look carefully, any socks or a cloth piece which have ever come in contact with Akshat’s body. She finds a handkerchief and throws it to Dr. Daksh through a window. Akshat comes to the room and inquires who was outside. Niyati says none, and turns to leave. Akshat holds Niyati’s hand and says it’s a good chance for them to be together, and she is leaving. Niyati says he isn’t her husband. Akshat pulls Niyati by hair and says they have taken the wedding rounds, sindoor, mangal sooter and Tantra.

Niyati says that’s what she meant. There was an evil soul in her Akshat only because of Tantra, he must stay away from her. She turns to leave the room but the door was shut.Akshat jumps back on the bed and pulls Niyati closer as well. He says he is capable of anything, but isn’t in a mood of romance. Tonight, one of the family member will die by his hands. Niyati says he won’t do any such thing. Akshat was annoyed, a vase flies to Niyati and she bends to protect herself. Akshat place his foot over her shoulder and order her to cry, request and plead him; only then he will agree.

Niyati cries, joins her hands and requests Akshat not to harm her family. Akshat says his heart has melted, now he wants to sleep as he has to take Prithvi for a morning walk tomorrow. He warns Niyati not to trust him, he can taste blood during his sleep at night as well. Niyati stay awake to keep an eye over Akshat, and set an alarm for every five minutes in her cell phone.

During mid of night, the room window opens by force. Niyati was worried as Akshat wasn’t there in the room. She walks outside to look for Akshat. The maid door was locked from inside. Niyati was worried and goes to look into Prithvi and Sumati’s room. She spots Akshat holding the rope of chandelier. Ashutosh sat beneath it enjoying apple for his midnight craving. Niyati watches Akshat burn the rope using a lighter and feels helpless in saving Ashutosh. The rope was half burnt. Niyati runs downstairs and pushes Ashutosh aside. His forehead hits the end of the glass of a table. Ashutosh scolds Niyati while everyone gather around. He tells Sumati that Niyati pushed him aside.

Sumati follows Niyati’s stare to the chandelier. Akshat place a hand over Niyati’s shoulder. He also inquires Niyati why she pushed Ashutosh so hard. Niyati says she felt the chandelier was about to fell off. Akshat says the chandelier doesn’t seem to be too old. Her Mami scolds Niyati for being too sleepy. Akshat says he now understands that Niyati couldn’t get over that Tantra episode. Prithvi takes Niyati aside and asks her to throw the fears away. Kanchan is in jail, and Saudamini is in no condition to harm them. Akshat forbids Niyati to go to meet Kanchan in jail again. Prithvi was angry about it and inquires why Niyati went to jail to meet Kanchan again.


Tantra 12th March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sumati and Niyati were worried about what Akshat had done now. Akshat announces he has cooked for the family with his own hands. He wanted to give bite to Prithvi himself as well. Niyati and Sumati looked tensed, what if Akshat had mixed something.


Tantra Details

Tantra serial is about the life story of Khanna family who buy their dream house.The entire family is excited about their dream come true but unaware about the shocking nightmare that is Tantra Mantra aka Black Magic.Sargun Kaur Luthra will be seen leading the show along with Juhi Parmar.

Cast : 

Sargun Kaur
Juhi Parmar
Farida Dadi
Manish Goel

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min