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Tantra 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update

Niyati Saved Against Akshat’s Will


Tantra 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update, Tantra Written Update on

Tantra 14th February 2019 Episode Start With Niyati was hanging with a rope on the bridge. He wonders how she was left alive, but runs to show off his concern. He holds her hand, then thinks she must die. A police inspector comes to Niyati’s help. Akshat was left helpless. When up again, Niyati hugs Akshat. The police inspector questions what they are doing so late. Akshat behaves furiously and tells the inspector to go away. The inspector says he is badly drunk and it’s a crime to drive a car when drunk. Akshat asserts he is Prithvi Khanna’s son in law and this is his daughter, if he still has some question. Akshat regrets that first his plan was destroyed and now they will guard them back home.

At Jalsa, Akshat takes the blame over himself and explains that he insisted to drive the car, Niyati didn’t want to annoy him again. He says he didn’t take the car for service else this accident wouldn’t have happened. Dadi brings some lemon as Nazar of Akshat and Niyati, she then throw the lemon outside. Akshat was happy to see Dadi and everyone loved them. He holds Niyati’s hand and says they were spouses. Now they will see how he cares for Niyati. Sumati advices them not to drive car while drunk again in life. She sends them to bedroom and says they have planned a Bollywood theme party tomorrow as their wedding reception.

Late at night, the constable comes to inform Kanchan that their inspector dropped them home. Kanchan was furious why Niyati got such a good luck, she is saved every time. She wish once her (Kanchan’s) luck also works, Niyati’s life would then be ended.

In the room, Akshat removes Niyati’s hair to whisper a good night, then lay on the bed. Niyati was upset and comes to sit besides Akshat. She says he was drunk for the first time and behaved so strangely. No one can think how such innocent looking man behaved a while ago. She says Kartik and Parth must not have gotten him drunk. She won’t let him even have a glance at the bar again. She kiss his forehead and lay besides him on his arm, holds his hand and fell asleep.

The next day, Niyati and Akshat walk downstairs hand in hand for reception. Kartik and Parth come for a selfie in excitement. Niyati stares at them angrily. Prithvi complements Akshat and brings Sumati for the group photo. Prithvi wishes to introduce Akshat to his business partners. They ladies in reception complement Niyati. Kartik and Parth were excited to take the selfie. Nani clicks a good selfie of the group. Niyati was still angry with Niyati. Kartik goes to receive some special guest. Parth follows Niyati and explains to her that Akshat got drunk at his own will. Niyati turns to look towards Akshat who stood speechless behind.


Tantra 15th February 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Niyati brings Akshat aside and asks about last night. Akshat looks towards Kartik come inside with a girl. She was the same girl Akshat had tried to molest last night


Tantra Details

Tantra serial is about the life story of Khanna family who buy their dream house.The entire family is excited about their dream come true but unaware about the shocking nightmare that is Tantra Mantra aka Black Magic.Sargun Kaur Luthra will be seen leading the show along with Juhi Parmar.

Cast : 

Sargun Kaur
Juhi Parmar
Farida Dadi
Manish Goel

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min