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Tu Aashiqui 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Ahaan Makes A Plan Against JD


Tu Aashiqui 28th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Tu Aashiqui 28th April 2018 Episode Start With JD asking his everyone if we can live like a family,eat together and be happy? Ahaan comes home and glares at JD.He says don’t foret that I have filed an affidavit in the court,and now if something happens to Pankti then it’s going to be a trouble for you. JD says for that I need to find her first,Ahaan says you kidnapped her , JD says I haven’t even seen her how will I do that?Ahaan says you have also started acting because of Anita’s company.

It is shown that Pankti is safe with Ahaan’s friend and all of this is Ahaan’s plan. Pankti asks his friend how did you’ll come up with this plan?His friend shares what happened,in the flashback it is shown, Pankti disappeared because she went somewhere else,and she was all fine.Ahan and his friend panicked and found her but,because of that Ahaan got an idea.He says that Pankti will stay at Uday’s place(his friend),and we will only act like you are kidnapped. Ahaan says this will buy me some time to expose JD and clear your image. Uday agrees to the plan,and now Pankti is staying at his place.

At home,Ahaan says whatever you have done till now,you will face the repercussions. JD laughs at Ahaan,he says I used to overlook these kids’ disrespectful behaviors because of Sheetal but now I wont,he says I should ask you Ahaan,she was last seen with you then where is Pankti?The police know that she was with you only.Vikram speaks from Ahaan’s side,he says we know only you can kidnap Pankti,your goons were after her.JD says so then better way just call the police. JD says well Ahaan, you also have a complaint on your name its not just me with the affidavit.Ahan plays Anita’s recording wjhere she told him that she was only playing along,and she acted like she registered a complain against Ahaan ,but in reality she did not,she acted because JD was about to kill Poorva with the knife.

JD is shocked,Ahaan says what happened now,continue laughing…There Pankti rights a song on love. Again in the house, Ahaan says now with Anita’s statement we can file an FIR against you. JD says oh god this is so boring,sometimes I feel like this is a repeat telecast,again you will repeat the same cassette that I am cheap I am immoral but again I will also repeat this ..all is fair is love and war.So tell me where my babu is,as it is I will find her,,but your hint will help me.Ahaan says why do you think that evrything happens according to you?Now I will show you that your thinking is wrong,and you will fall! JD is about to shout at him but Ahaan stops him and says I don’t need any rubbish dialogues from your side..Ahan goes to Sheetal’s room,JD looks lost.Ahaan says to Sheetal that I am sorry for the lies but now its time we disclosed JD and punished him for his misdeeds,he seeks her blessings,she is asleep.

JD is drinking in his room, he thinks where can Pankti go?She is neither home nor is she with Ahaan,then he thinks if Ahaan is playing around with him?JD calls Sinha and says congrats I found Pankti she is having drinks with me,Sinha is happy then suddenly JD shouts at Sinha and says no idiot she has been kidnapped,he tells Sinha to tap Anita,Poorva and Ahaan’s phones. Kaira and Aparna hear this from the mic in his room, Aparna tells her to call Uday and Ahaan and inform them.Their phones are not reachable.Pankti’s no. is also switched off.Kaira sends a message to pankti telling him this. JD notices something in his nook shelf.He goes near the shelf and pulls it out, he says oh this is a mic,what do these guys think.He says I am much more intelligent than them,and I will by all means get Pankti.

Tu Aashiqui 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Ahaan says someone is throwing this ball again and again. He stops Pankti. She says kids would be waiting for the ball. Ahaan asks Uday to throw back the ball. He sees JD’s goons outside and says Pankti isn’t safe here.


Tu Aashiqui Details

Tu Aashiqui is a 2017 Indian musical romance television show based on two lovers’ effort to unite. It is produced by Mahesh Bhatt under Gurudev Bhalla production house. The show has been stated to be inspired from the American film Endless Love. It stars Jannat Zubair Rahmani and Ritvik Arora in the leads as Pankti and Ahaan respectively.


Rushal Parakh
Ritvik Arora
Rahil Azam
Jannat Zubair Rahmani
Gauri Pradhan Tejwani
Buneet Kapoor
Sachin Sharma

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min