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Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Kanak Asks Uma Reason For Choosing Meera Over Her


Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 24th April 2018 Episode Start With Bhabo apologizes Uma saying she scolded him a lot, but he saved Kanak, she is thankful to him. He says he should apologize her for troubling her family and even trying to break Kanak’s wedding. He says he has promised himself that until he is alive, any problem or conspiracy will not touch Kanak. Bhabho gets more emotional.

Uma touches Bhabho’s feet. Aditya thinks nobody thanked him at all, he is angry on them all. Uma looks at Kanak and leaves. Kanak runs behind him. Serial’s title track music plays in the background. Kanak calls Uma, and he turns. She walks to him and says he suffered so much to save her, but she insulted and alleged him instead, she is very sorry. Uma says he would have done same if he was in her place. She says he was saving the one who hated him, why. If he loves her so much, then why did he hide it for 2 years.

Inspector takes Akshay and Meera to police station taunting fake marriage, fake signatures, now be in jail. Akshay gets into jail cell. Constable locks door. Meera thanks inspector Akshay asks inspector why he did not send Meera behind bars. Meera says she is the Meera Mittal and is not a businesswoman just like that, her lawyer got her anticipatory bail beforehand. Anyone had to be behind bars, it is Akshay’s turn.

Meeera comes out of police station. Aditya taunts her that she lost her battle, now ex-flames Uma and Kanak are getting closer each day. Meera shouts she will not let them reunite and will go to any extent for that.

Kanak insists Uma to tell why he disowned her 2 years ago. Uma says he wanted to become a big businessman. She says he cannot lie at all. He says for Suman’s sake and tells her how Meera and her father trapped him to marry Suman to save Suman from getting arrested, so he had only this option to save Suman. Kanak says enough of suffering, now they will reunite and nobody will stop them, not even Meera Mittal. Meera shouts no….revealing it was her imagination. Aditya taunts her open eye dream will come true. She says she will not let that happen. Kanak continues questioning Uma. Uma says some questions are left unanswered as they don’t have answer. Kanak says she will let him go without answering her.

Meera goes to Suman and congratulates her that Uma stopped Kanak’s wedding. Suman excitedly says she will inform Maasa. Meera says she has weak memory and shows video where she hits thief. She says her memory must be back now, Kanak will ask Uma why he married Meera when he loved her, and if Uma tells truth, she will have to show this video to police and get Suman arrested, so Suman has to stop Uma right now. Suman runs away. Meera thinks forget Kanak, even god cannot snatch Uma from her. Kanak gives her oath to Uma and asks to tell why he disowned her, she still loves like before and knows even he loves her. She continues insisting him.

Tu Sooraj Main Saanjh Piyaji 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Suman thinks if she dies, Kanak and Uma will reunite. Meera gets ready thinking Uma will accept her. Kanak messages Uma that Kanak’s life is in danger, please call back.