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Udaan 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update

Rajeshwari Kidnaps Anjor


Udaan 13th October 2018 Written Episode Update, Udaan Written Update on

Udaan 13th October 2018 Episode Start With Suraj getting a call. Chakor asks did you know about kids. Inspector asks did anyone give info. Suraj says yes. Chakor asks where are the kids. Suraj says school bus left the kids at school. Rajeshwari asks aren’t you ashamed of the big blame, I want to educate the girls, why will I kidnap them. Chakor says everyone knows this.

Chakor asks can I go to school and meet my daughter. Inspector says I can’t help you. Suraj asks her not to worry, he will make bail papers. They leave. Rajeshwari laughs. Suraj calls Leela and informs her. He says we have to get bail for Chakor. Tejaswini worries for Chakor’s arrest. Leela says good news if kidnapped kids are at school, Suraj will get Anjor home. Tejaswini asks what will I tell Anjor, that her mum is in jail. She prays.

People thank Suraj for getting their kids back. He looks for Anjor. Chakor is in lockup. Rajeshwari asks Inspector to make solid case against Chakor. He agrees. Rajeshwari goes and threatens Chakor about Anjor. Suraj asks kids about Anjor. The girl says the goons took Anjor along. He gets shocked. Rajeshwari says I will kill your daughter, and Suraj will get a heartbreak, he won’t get bail for you.

Lawyer says we can’t get Chakor’s bail without magistrate sign. Rajeshwari says I played the game and I will be winner, you be here and hit head to walls, I will not let Suraj do anything, he will get mad and find his daughter, he will shout, but he won’t get her. Chakor says you can’t do this. Rajeshwari says I can do anything, will you like to talk to her. Chakor says please make me talk to her. Rajeshwari asks her to say again. Chakor requests. She talks to Anjor.

Anjor says I m scared, they will kill me, save me. Chakor asks her not to worry, throw out the fear, people’s tortures can’t do anything, truth has power, you are one who can make enemies bite bust, you are brave daughter of brave mother. She encourages Anjor. Rajeshwari takes phone back and asks Chakor to take case back. Chakor says I can give life for Anjor, but you asked me for my ethics, my rules and values will keep me alive for coming generations, if Anjor’s life is a price for thousand lives, I m ready to sacrifice my daughter’s life happily, you do anything, I will not get back. Anjor gets shocked hearing this.

Chakor says if my daughter dies, I will be proud, I will think my daughter gave her life to kill devils of society, if you want to snatch her, then do it, but I will not take this case back. Rajeshwari disconnects call and pities Chakor. She says your daughter will cry a lot, she has heard your lecture. Chakor gets shocked. Anjor cries. Rajeshwari says you broke her heart, you have time, think soon. She goes. Chakor wishes Anjor’s courage doesn’t break. Suraj comes. Rajeshwari asks how are you, you explain your wife. She says I heard Anjor was lost before, take care of her this time, save her. She goes. Chakor cries and asks Suraj what will we do now.


Udaan 15th October 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rajeshwari threatens Anjor. Tejaswini asks Suraj to get Anjor back. Suraj calls Rajeshwari and agrees to her. She laughs.


Udaan Details

Udaan (also known as Udann Sapnon Ki) is an Indian television drama show that premiered on 18 August 2014 and airs on the Colors TV channel, Monday through Friday at 8:30 pm. The show is produced by Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and is based on his unreleased movie of the same name. It stars child actor Spandan Chaturvedi in a lead role. The first promo for the show was released on 10 July 2014.


Moni Raj
Paras Arora
Prachee Pathak
Prakash Ramchandani
Rajiv Kumar
Sai Ballal
Sai Deodhar
Sandeep Baswana
Sehban Azim
Shresth Kumar
Spandan Chaturvedi
Suhasini Mulay
Tasheen Shah
Vandana Singh
Varun Sharma
Vidhi Pandya
Vijayendra Kumeria
Vineet Raina
Yash Mistry
Darshan Gurjar
Dolphin Dwivedi
Ginny Virdi
Meera Deosthale

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Colors TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min