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Udaan 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update

Suraj Changes The Construction Plans


Udaan 23rd April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Udaan 23rd April 2018 Episode Start With Suraj coming home. Chakor gets annoyed and says you came late, you could have told me you will get late, I planned a surprise for you. He says you will be glad knowing what I did, I told everyone that I m Chakor’s husband, we will make a short road and bridge instead the long road, everyone praised me. She calls him smart and hugs him. He shows the map he designed for Unnati project.

He says this is the bridge which will connect to highway. She says our silk fields will be ruined because of this bridge. He says we have enough land to do farming, we will have much profits. She says I won’t let road or bridge get built in our fields. She throws the file towards candle. It catches fire. He gets shocked and asks what did you do, this road and bridge is imp for transportation, there won’t be much loss. She says if the fields are harmed, farmers will be at loss, they will be hurt, its Baisakhi month starting tomorrow, farmers worship the land, they will be hurt knowing you are snatching their land, their Lord. He says I understand, try to understand me, I m making their land a part of the village development. She says its wrong.

He says small loss have to be tolerated for big profits. They argue. He says bridge will be built there, this is final. He goes. Imli digs a pit and hides the bag. She plants a rose there and asks the plant not to move from its place. Everyone looks happy in the village. Karan talks to Suraj about the expenses. He says your old plan was the best, we can’t spend more by taking the long route plans. Imli sees Saanvi and wants her so that she can gift her something. Chakor comes and hears Suraj telling Karan that bridge will be made via the silk fields. Karan joins his hands and says well done. He greets Chakor and goes.

Chakor asks Suraj what is he doing, see the people are happy to grow grains, if you snatch their land, they can never celebrate happiness. Tejaswini calls them for puja. They attend the puja. Chakor explains Suraj not to insult the soil which gives them food. Imli hides and sees Saanvi. Everyone dances. Suraj and Chakor see each other.

At office, Suraj keeps his point in front of the engineers. He says silk fields can’t get ruined, people will not support us in our work, I need time to solve the problem, we will make the bridge first and then decide about the road. The men agree. Engineer says we made the bridge’s sketch, we are done. Suraj thanks them and asks them to go. Chakor comes and says you didn’t come home. He says I was coming after finishing work. She says Saanvi is missing you. He says I forgot about her, I will come after work and play with her. She says come with me. He says I have some work. She says I will sit here and wait. He says you are stubborn, fine I will come. They go.

Its morning, Karan comes office and talks to Bela. Suraj comes and greets him. Karan says I think you didn’t sleep well at night. Suraj says I was making new project with engineers at night, I need to talk. Karan says one more project, will we do something else than talks, we have to do work, just start the road built up in silk fields, come to the ground, start the digging work, I want speed. Suraj says I know you want speed, I don’t want to break people’s heart, I can’t ruin the fields, we will find a new place to make roads, I need some time, till we make bridge, we will make new model. Karan says fair enough, I respect your word, but if this doesn’t happen, it will happen what I want, deal. Suraj says deal.

Imli thinks what is Karan doing here, he won’t identify me. She goes to see him. She asks what are you doing here, do you think to demolish the temple, go from here, people are scared. He says I know you, you had stolen Chakor’s daughter right. She says I have my grandchildren, why will I steal someone’s child. She goes. He says who is this old woman, I have to find out.

Kasturi shows the saree bought by Bhuvan. She asks Chakor is this good. Bhuvan says my choice is good, see your mum got this kurta for me, say which one is better. They ask Chakor what’s the matter. Suraj comes and greets them. He tells Chakor that he spoke to Karan and found a way to save the fields. She thanks him. They hug. Mahiya…..plays…..


Udaan 24th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Construction work starts. Suraj helps the workers. Chagan runs to Chakor and says that bridge fell down. Chakor gets shocked and asks how. Chagan says many people got under the rubble, don’t know where is Suraj.


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Udaan (also known as Udann Sapnon Ki) is an Indian television drama show that premiered on 18 August 2014 and airs on the Colors TV channel, Monday through Friday at 8:30 pm. The show is produced by Bollywood filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and is based on his unreleased movie of the same name. It stars child actor Spandan Chaturvedi in a lead role. The first promo for the show was released on 10 July 2014.


Moni Raj
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