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Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update

Raktbeej Fights Mata Kali.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st July 2018 Written Episode Update, Vighnaharta Ganesh Written Update on

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st July 2018 Episode Start With raktbeej saying I will not fight mata kali and mata kaushaki knowing that I am going to die. Shumbh says go away from here raktbeej, I took the mantle of demon king after thinking that all demons together would defeat the gods and take control of this universe but when an important and powerful demon commander in my court refuses to take my orders then how can I spread my rule? Raktbeej thinks it is no use waiting here, I will go. raktbeej starts going out of swarg lok.

Shumbh says yes raktbeej go, run like a coward, you can only do that, even when mhaishasura was your king, you left him and ran away letting him die, even now you are leaving my court. Shumbh says you are a dirt on the name of demons, you are an insult to us and even your mother must have been the same, she must have spoilt her blood by being with a god and then you were born as a dirt in the demon race. Raktbeej stops and gets angry, he comes back to shumbh and says how dare you insult my mother? How dare you say to me that I am a dirt to the demon race? I will kill you now for insulting my mother, I will punish you. raktbeej removes his weapon. Shumbh says stambhan! And makes raktbeej into a statue. Shumbh says why? did it hurt you raktbeej? You are not ready to fight that devi who is just a woman and you think you can fight me and defeat king shumbh?

Nishumbh sees blood coming out from raktbeej’s nose and thinks if this blood falls on ground then an army of raktbeej’s clones will rise and who knows what they will do to us, we will be killed mercilessly, I have to stop this. Shumbh says raktbeej if you are not a coward and if your mother was not a traitor then prove it to me. Nishumbh says brother shumbh stop this, if raktbeej wants to go then let him go. shumbh says okay and frees raktbeej from the statue state. Raktbeej says shumbh, I wont kill you now, my mother and I am not a traitor, when I was under mhaishashura as a courtier, I did my karma and warned him not to go against devi katyani, that time mata parvati took the form of devi katyani and now she has taken the form of devi kaushaki, even then mhaishasura got himself killed and now even you are not listening to me even though I have warned you. raktbeej says I will fight devi kaushaki because it is my dharma, but I know I am not going to win and I will die, and this will all be your fault. Raktbeej goes.

Nishumbh says brother what if raktbeej doesn’t fight devi kaushaki? Shumbh says he will because he is not shameless like us, I hurt his feelings by insulting his mother and calling him a traitor, he will fight.
There devi kaushaki is with mata kali and mata chandmari. Raktbeej comes as all three look at him. Raktbeej says pranam devi kaushaki and jagat janni. Chandmari and kali stand aside. Raktbeej says mata jagat janni, I am forced to fight you, I am very well aware of your powers and I know who you are. Raktbeej says before I was in the court of mhaishasura, even then I had tried to convince him to not go against you or he would meet his end, but he did not listen and your form of katyani killed him.

Raktbeej says this time I have tried to convince king shumbh to not go against you but he wont listen, I know the result of all this war and battle, I know I will die in the end because you are the mother of all and jagat janni and it is futile to stand against you. raktbeej says when I was coming here I thought and I know I am a warrior and have to do my duty, I have to fight you and I cannot step back, but there is also aslight chance of me staying alive after this battle between you and me because you are everyone’s mother and we all have been born from you, which means you are inside all of us and the powers we have are also because of you. you are inside us and even some part of me is inside you, we both are connected which also means I have a chance of winning, a warrior should never think that he will lose, he should fight. Raktbeej says that is why I am here to fight you.
Devi kaushaki says raktbeej, I know the conflict inside you, I know what you are fighting inside you. You do your duty and fight, I will do what is dharma.

Raktbeej says I am ready to fight you devi kaushaki. Mata kali comes ahead. Raktbeej stands as kali comes with her weapon. Raktbeej says I will fight devi kaushaki only, I will not fight you. mata kali says if you want to reach devi kaushaki you have to go through me. Raktbeej removes his sword for defense. Mata kali attacks raktbeej as he defends himself. mata kali fights and fights and then throws the sword of raktbeej down. Mata kali says raktbeej pick up your weapon, I cannot attack a person who is defenseless. Raktbeej picks his sword and defends himself.

Kartikeya says what is the reason for this change in raktbeej? And why isn’t he attacking? He is just defending himself. ganesh says even I am not understanding this.Mata kali gets more angry as she attacks raktbeej, she then jumps and lands a cut on raktbeej’s stomach. His blood falls on ground and as much drops fall, that many clones of raktbeej rise as soldiers. Raktbeej says I wont die easily and laughs, he says attack. All clones attack mata kali, mata kali keeps hitting other clones as their blood falls and the clones keep multiplying. Devi chandmari says mata kaushaki, allow me to fight. Kaushaki says yes. Chandmari enters the fight and starts hitting the clones and throwing some in air. More clones appear as blood falls on ground. Raktbeej watches the fight as more clones multiply.

Ganesh says this way the fight wont ever end. Kartikeya says I cannot wait here and look at this fight seeing mother being attacked by this demon in this way. Lord Vishnu appears and kartikeya says mama shree, can nothing be done? Lord Vishnu says there is hope, something will happen. Kartikeya says I cannot wait here with hope, ganesh stops him and says brother are you forgetting this that it is mata parvati? She is jagat janni and her leela is beyond the understanding of a normal human, but you should know that she doesn’t need our help, she can deal with rakbteej and any powerful demon in this universe. Kartikeya says you are right ganesh, I forgot this that she is mata jagat janni, we have been born from her and how can a drop of water think of helping the ocean? Mother can deal with raktbeej.


Vighnaharta Ganesh 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : raktbeej’s blood keeps falling on ground and more clones appear. Shumbh says raktbeej will not die, he becomes more powerful as he is attacked.


Vighnaharta Ganesh Details

Story Line
tells some untold stories about the Hindu god Ganesha. The show has been dubbed in Tamil as Vinayagar


Manav Gohil
Akanksha Puri
Nirbhay Wadhwa
Uzair Basar
Gajendra Chauhan
Malkhan Singh
Rajesh Khera

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min