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Vikram Betaal 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update

Banaar Kills Trimund And Marries Kashi, Takes Over Kailash


Vikram Betaal 20th March 2019 Written Episode Update, Vikram Betaal Written Update on

Vikram Betaal 20th March 2019 Episode Start With Asur Trimund coming to Kashi and asks her to look at the boy who will kill in future so he will kill him now itself. Kashi begs infront of him, not to kill the boy. Trimund tells that this is not an ordinary boy, but Shiv’s lookalike. He is about to kill the boy, when the boy becomes snake and then becomes man, and tells that he is Mahadev’s snake. He tells that the boy whom he wants to kill is safe and will come him. Mahadev and Parvati come to Rishi and ask for help.

Parvati tells him about Kashi’s kidnapping by Trimund, and asks him to make the boy grown up overnight. Rishi says this will be against the nature. Parvati says you are doing this to save everyone from Trimund. Rishi says I am worried about Kashi’s future. Parvati convinces him. Rishi makes the baby boy grown up as the young man resembling Shiv overnight with his puja. Shiv and Parvati smiles. Banaar gets up. Rishi tells him that he was overgrown in short time so that he can save his future wife Kashi from Asur Trimund and asks him to save her. Banaar says yes.

Trimund tells Kashi that he will kill the boy anyhow. Banaar comes there and calls Trimund. Trimund asks who are you? Banaar says I am Mahadev’s roop and Raja Ayush’s son. Trimund says how can you grow up so fast. Banaar says I am grown up to kill you. Trimund says even Mahadev can’t kill me, and attacks Banaar. Banaar and Trimund attack each other with their powers, but finally Banaar beheads Trimund and saves Kashi. Kashi smiles looking at Banaar. Banaar laughs and says I have killed Trimund, I am the most powerful in this world and nobody can defeat me. Betaal tells that Banaar didn’t live his life and was grown overnight. He says Raja Banaar and Kashi got married.

Raja Ayush blesses them. They take Mahadev and Parvati’s blessings. Banaar tells Mahadev that every parents give gift to their daughter and brother in law and says I want gift from you. Mahadev asks him to tell what gift he wants. Banaar says I want your Nivaassthan and tells that I want your Kailash for Kashi and my stay. Everyone present there is shocked. Betaal says that day something happened which had shaken up. He says everyone tried to make Banaar understand, but he was stubborn like a child. He says Mahadev is Mahadev and gives Kailash to Banaar without thinking about the consequences. Mahadev gives them full Kailash.. Kashi asks banaar what he will do with Kailash. Banaar asks her to respect his wishes. Mahadev says Banaar is saying truth. He asks Parvati that they shall go from kailash. Parvati says yes. Banaar stops the ganns/Servants and says you are my Sevak’s now. Nandi says we are Mahadev’s Sevak. Mahadev asks them to obey Kailash pati Banaar. He says one shall be loyal to the position and not to with the people.

Indra Dev asks Banaar what wrong did he do and says even Ravan didn’t dare to get Kailash from Mahadev. Banaar says I am Kailash Pati now and have all the powers of Mahadev and asks him not to dare question him and asks him to run the world according to him. Narad says he is right and we shall appreciate him. He says Kailash Pati Bhagwan Banaar ki Jai. Raja Ayush and Kashi are shocked. Banaar says you are intelligent amongst all Devs. Parvati is sitting under a tree and crying. Mahadev brings something for her to eat and asks what happened? Parvati apologizes to him and says if I had listened to you, then you wouldn’t have to leave Kailash and roams jungle. Mahadev says he has no inclination towards anything. Parvati says how can world run without you. Mahadev says world can’t wait for anyone, or stop it. Parvati asks what is our devtas’s work in this world. Mahadev says we will go for a world tour which we didn’t do due to the kalpvrish.


Vikram Betaal 21st March 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Narad tells Banaar about Trikaal darshi and says he can do it he gets Trinetra. Mahadev asks him to fill the bowl with his wealth and everything.


Vikram Betaal Details

Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gatha is a mythological serial created by Peninsula Pictures based on Baital Pachisi. The series is airing in &TV starring Aham Sharma and Makrand Deshpande in lead roles.Vikram Betaal Ki Rahasya Gaatha series is the mythological story of King Vikramaditya and the Puzzle Master Betaal. In which Betaal always gave tricky puzzle to solve, Vikramaditya. As we know this show is based on the “Betaal Pachchisi” book and many of us were read it. So it is going to be more curious for all of us. All the riddles given to King Vikram are mysterious, tricky and mind twisting. Show follows tagline,” Tu Bola Main Chala”.

Cast : 

Aham Sharma
Ishita Ganguly
Pooja Banerjee
Amit Behl
Sooraj Thapar
Makrand Deshpande
Zuber K. Khan
Ram Awana
Sonia Singh
Romanch Mehta

Seasons : 1 | Channel : &tv | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min