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Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update

Rano Tries Burning Jia’s Room


Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2018 Written Episode Update on

Woh Apna Sa 25th April 2018 Episode start With Ambika says to Jia we have to go to my cousin’s place for jagrata. Jia says to Akash ma asked me to go as well. I am so happy. Ambika asks Akash and Arjun to bring stuff. Rano says to Jia don’t be so happy. Jia says you fell from stairs but Arjun was only looking at me. He only loves me. Rano says no. Jia says time will tell. She leaves.

Rano comes and mixes something in Jia’s makeup. She says you will be scared to see yourself.
Rano says you wont be able to see your face. She comes out. Arjun says what were you doing there? She says just checked to see if she is ready. Arjun says she takes time to get ready. Its her old habit, She says habits change. Maybe Akash’s love will chnage her.

Rano gets ready in her room. Akash peeks in and says rano please use that makeup. Jia saw rano mixing a powder in her makeup. She said I will throw it out. Akash said I will don’t worry. He took that makeup and replaced it with Rano’s. Jia comes and says whats happening? She says go and stop her. How could you he says I wont.

Rano comes crying to Ambika. Her face is hidden. Ambika says show me your face. Her face is all wounded. Akash says these cosmetics have so many chemicals. Rano says Jia did all this. Ambika says what.. She says let me show you. She says to Jia isn’t this your powder you use this brand? Jia says yes this is mine. Rano says see mai. Akash says ask her how she has it. Rano says she replaced it with mine. Akash says Jia didn’t do anything. Ambika says you stooped so low Jia. Rano says Jia how could you. Jia says she mixed something in my powder.

I replaced it. Ambika says she if she did that why would she use it? She knew this was your powder. Akash says ma if she knew why she used it? Amabika says ask for her apology. Jia says why should I? jia says you can’t see who stooped low. Arjun says do you have any shame? Leave Rano alone. AKash says you leave Jia alone. Arjun says do you have any shame? Akash says respect is give and take. Ambika says you made two brothers fight again. Jia says if you want I will apologize. Akash says you wont apologize anyone. He takes her from there.

Akash wakes up next morning and sees his T shirt cut. He says why did you do this? I loved it. She says now you know how ma felt? Go and apologize. Rano comes to Jia and removes her mask. She laughs and says you thought I am an idiot.
Ambika recalls what happened. AKash comes and says ma I am sorry. I shouldn’t have been loud.

Woh Apna Sa 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Rano fits a camera in Jia’s room. She shows its recording to Arjun.


Woh Apna Sa Details

Woh Apna Sa is an Indian Hindi soap opera television series, which premiered on 23 January 2017 and is broadcast on Zee TV at 7:00 PM (IST) (earlier 10:00 PM (IST)) & 7:30PM (UK). The show has recently taken a 20 year leap. The series is produced by Rashmi Sharma famous for her show Saath Nibhaana Saathiya.


Kinshuk Vaidya
Manasi Salvi (Nisha Samar Shukla)
Riddhi Dogra (Nisha Aditya Jindal)
Sara Khan
Sudeep Sahir (Anurag)
Tanya Sharma
Alka Kaushal
Ashish Kapoor
Buneet Kapoor
Disha Parmar (Jia Mehra)

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min