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Yeh Teri Galiyaan : Arpita and Beauty’s face off, shocking turning point in Puchki’s life


Yeh Teri Galiyaan Spoiler Alert 1st August, 2018

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s newbie show Yeh Teri Galiyaan is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Beauty is planning to sell off Puchki to inspector and Arpita learns about this shocking truth.Inspector warns Arpita about it as he fears what these people are gonna do with innocent girl Puchki.

Arpita will now take Durga avatar to save her daughter Puchki and will teach strong lesson to Beauty.Arpita and Beauty’s face off,Arpita and Beauty had their major argument while Thaku maa interfere in-between and warns Beauty to not repeat mistake.

While Beauty vows to not let any happiness come Puchki’s way and challenges that one day she will sell Puchki off and no one will be able to stop her.

Puchki and his mother Arpita got stuck in the messy world of Sonagachi under the captivity of Thaku Maa and her daughter Beauty,Beauty is up to play her dirty game ruining little Puchki’s life.Beauty is going to sell Puchki to her foreign customers, but before she would eventually handover Puchki to them, Arpita and Chanda finally manage to save Puchki.

Where Chanda elopes with Shantanu and also helps Arpita to elope with Puchki, things take troll when Thaku Maa catch Arpita and Puchki before they would leave the city.Puchki’s future in danger,Arpita always wanted to protect Puchki’s life and for the same she was eloping from Pari Mahal and Sonagachi but now when Thaku Maa caught her,

Arpita will again turn slave and mistress, it would be highly intense to watch what will happen to Puchki.

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