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Yeh Teri Galiyaan: Puchki’s life takes drastic turn, Thaku Maa pays tribute to Puchki


Yeh Teri Galiyaan: Puchki’s (Vrushika Mehta) life takes drastic turn post Shantanu’s (Manish Goplani) exit

The upcoming episode of Zee TV’s newbie show Yeh Teri Galiyaan is gearing up for some interesting twist and drama.Puchki and Shantanu’s childhood friendship will take new turn as Shantanu will head to Canada for his studies.Shantanu leaves with a promise of return it Puchki’s life takes drastic turn with Shantanu’s exit from sonagachi.Puchki falls prey of Thaku maa and Beauty’s trap and will be forced to do what she don’t want and dances in kotha.Puchki and Shantanu’s separation.

Puchki is forced to be part of the kotha culture and Puchki just has one hope and that is Shantanu who will return to safeguard her.Will Shantanu return to fulfil his promise or will forget that bad world of sonagachi.After Shantanu and Chanda elope from Sonagachi and the city, Thaku Maa captivates Arpita and her daughter Puchki.Things take dramatic u-turn as Arpita bends before Thaku Maa and requests her to secure Puchki’s future because she don’t want Puchki to lead a life of mistress.While Arpita wants to secure Puchki’s life, Beauty is adamant to use Puchki to earn money but there Thaku Maa confess to Arpita’s request.Puchki in hope of Shantanu’s return.

Years and years have gone, Puchki is still waiting for Shantanu to return.In between, Thaku Maa gets mesmerized seeing Puchki’s dancing talent, while she made promise to secure Puchki’s life, she asks Puchki to train the children of a NGO.Puchki will be becoming dance trainer for NGO children, where her life is still secure from Sonagachi dirty profession, it would be really interesting to watch if Shantanu will accept Puchki back.Chanda finally gets an opportunity that she elopes with Shantanu and also makes Arpita elope with Puchki.

Things take drastic troll when Chanda manages to elope while Thaku Maa catches Arpita and Puchki.It’s been years and years, Puchki is waiting for Shantanu to return and take her away from this Sonagachi district.Puchki waits for Shantanu.Where Beauty is trying her best to take advantage of Puchki and use her to earn money, Thaku Maa brings little hope for Puchki.Puchki thereby turns Dance trainer for NGO kids, it would be really interesting to watch if ever Shantanu will return back to his Puchki.

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