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Yeh Teri Galiyan: Arpita rescues Puchki


Yeh Teri Galiyan: Arpita (Akansha Sareen) again rescues Puchki (Vrushika Mehta) and makes new plan

ZEE TV Daily soap Yeh Teri Galiyan is up for something most interesting and most exciting,After Beauty’s attempt to sell Puchki and earn money gets flopped,Once again she determines to trap Puchki and fulfill her lust of money.And a shock to Beauty, this time Arpita stands as shield before her daughter Puchki and open challenges Beauty to dare sell her daughter Puchki.Arpita Beauty open war.

Arpita and Beauty will now open war, where Thaku Maa is unaware of Beauty’s nasty conspiracy,Arpita will take her bold and fierce avatar and will backfire Beauty’s dirty plannings and plottings.But let see if Arpita be able to rescue her daughter Puchki from Beauty and Pari Mahal of Sonagachi.

Shantanu and Puchki have once again come together while there Beauty and Thaku Maa turn villain in Arpita and Puchki’s life.Arpita is punished for daring to elope from Pari Mahal, while Beauty slaps Arpita for exposing her, Arpita also open challenge.Arpita and Chanda team up,However, this time Arpita failed to rescue Puchki from Sonagachi, but as soon as Chanda and Arpita come together, they decide to save their kids future.

Arpita will be making a new plan to safeguard her daughter Puchki’s future from evil Beauty.It would be highly intense to watch how Arpita’s kaali avatar for her daughter will bring in new twist in the show.

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