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Zara announce Kabir Ruksar’s wedding leaving Shahbaz shocked (Upcoming Story)


Kabir (Adnan Khan) Zara (Eisha Singh) celebrate their breakup

Zee TV’s newbie love story Ishq Subhan Allah is up with some high voltage family drama as Kabir and Zara are about to marry.

Ruksar’s suicide drama saves Zara and Kabir from the engagement and they get relieved.

Further, Zara shock everyone as she announces that Ruksar truly loves Kabir and she should get justice.

Thus, Zara announce to back out and request Shahbaz to get Kabir and Ruksar married.

Zeenat feels grateful to Zara for her big heart and sense of justice.

Zeenat Ruksar feels grateful to Zara

Moreover, Zara feels relaxed as the wedding is now cancelled and she plan to celebrate it.

Zara, Reema, Imran and Kabir meet up at a restaurant to celebrate their breakup.

Though Zara would be happy and relieved, Kabir would seem quite confused by the change of events.

Stay tuned to know if this will mark the ending of Zara and Kabir’s love story.

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