Guide to help you remember your reusable bags

We’ve all been there. It’s happened to us all. A solid system of habits is key to having a bag that fits your needs.

The following systems can be used to remind you of your reusable bags as an eco-superhero. Reusable shopping bags have many benefits for the brand as well as the consumer. Reusable Bags help the planet and market your brand. Reusable grocery bags can offer many benefits. We have listed some of these benefits. Continue reading to learn more.

You don’t have to be a superhero to wear a cape.

But if you do, high five. It’s just too sweet. As soon as you have finished unloading them, bring your bags back to the car.

First, there are refrigerated foods and frozen foods. Next, the pantry stuff. Then, there’s the pantry stuff.

Set a timer.

If you suffer from shiny object syndrome and end up making avocado toast with lemon pepper without even putting away all your groceries, set a timer.

Start a timer that runs for 5-15 minutes from the moment you place your groceries down.

Your alarm will sound and you can take your reusable bags with you to the car.

Your bags can be placed in front of your door.

You can see your door.

You can’t miss the large pile of stuff as you go out the door.

You would have to step over the bags or kick them to get through the portal of escape, also known as the door.

Such behavior would be considered a bag abuser rather than a bag user. It would also make it difficult to remember your reusable bags. Living with others can make it difficult to be loved and accepted by your roommates. Perhaps the next system will be more useful.

A reminder can be placed on the front door.

Get creative. Get creative. Make sure you have something on your doorknob or door handle so you can remind yourself to grab your bags next time you get to the car.

Make it a team effort.

Bring your family members and/or your partner along to help us save the planet by making sure we have enough reusable bags for all our shopping trips.

Try getting your cat involved, but I cannot guarantee that they will help or even care.

Make it more fun by creating the greatest and best song in all of the music. It is dedicated to reminding you of your reusable bags.

Have many bags.

It is a great way to be able to resist plastic failure by having at least 2 sets of bags.

Keep a bunch of bags in your car trunk so you don’t get caught without one.

A set of bags can be kept in your car, your partner’s car, and in your bag or backpack.

You can make or buy reusable bags that you like.

If you have a collection of reusable bags you like, you will naturally be more enthusiastic (and remember) about using them.

Here is a tutorial to help you make your macramé market bags.

Keep a packing bag with you.

A packable tote bag can be kept in your purse, backpack, or fanny pack.

I always have a small, packable bag in my backpack. That’s how it works.

Place the baggie back in its original place.

Include “Bags” at the top of every shopping list.

If you’re like me and have a list of things to grab at the markets on your notes app on the phone, this solid way is to consistently remind you of carrying a bag check before leaving home.

Bring a bag.

We’ve all been there.

We think are only in it for the bananas, coffee, and gluten-free loaf, and then– BAM!

We have plenty of tasty treats that are ready to be taken home. Solution? You can always take a bag.