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Bell Bottom Trailer

When it comes to the Telugu movie industry, it will surprise you to know that they have created some of the best films of a lifetime. This has been later dubbed into Hindi. The classic acting and the originality of the script are what make the Telegu movies stand out. Unfortunately, with the COVID pandemic hitting the world hard last year, theatres were shut down. The Telugu movie buffs were left with no option to watch the latest Telugu movie releases. And this is when AHA came into the picture.

Like many other OTT platforms available today, AHA also is one among them. What makes AHA different from the rest is that it caters to the Telugu group completely. So everything that is screened on AHA is in Telegu. This was a respite for many Telugu movie fans when they could watch their favorite movies right from the comfort of their homes.

A very popular movie that is recently being screened on AHA is Bell Bottom. If you like to watch comedy movies online, then definitely do not miss out on seeing Bell Bottom. Here is a quick movie review of the film.

Bell Bottom- Movie Review

Wish to watch movies online this weekend in Telugu, then read the review of Bell Bottom.

The movie is about a detective named Diwakar who is a small-time cop but a passionate detective. He has spent his entire life watching James Bond movies and reading Sherlock Holmes books. He has been thrilled with the idea of becoming a detective himself. He, however, lands up in a cop role which turns out to be monotonous. This is when he gets lucky and has a shot at trying out his detective skills when he has to solve a tricky case of theft. 


The Bell Bottom movie is light-hearted and hilarious. The plot is a little cliché, but the film is not boring. There are some retro looks added. You also get to hear some background noise that makes you nostalgic about the Bell Bottom era. All the characters in the movie have been justified and they have put up an amazing performance.

Diwakar finally solves the case, which brings in an adrenaline rush to the viewers too. The female characters also have prominent roles in the movie. The movie gives you a good laugh. At the same time it takes you on a mysterious and thrilling journey.


Bell Bottom is a movie that you can watch with your family as it is a thriller, comedy, and drama all in one.


Platforms like AHA have made it possible to watch the best films of all genres in every language right at home. AHA has fascinated the Telugu fraternity with its wide range of shows, movies, and web series.

COVID continues to be there. It is why social distancing is something that you need to maintain even now. Why not subscribe to AHA because it lets you stay at home and watch your favorite Telugu movies online on aha.


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