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Tips To Choose From Living Room Curtain Options

Your living room will appear incomplete without curtains. They are an essential element for decorating the living room. There are various options available in the market. You can use them to add more style, colour, and give a personal touch by using any curtain design of your choice. However, they will not make the room appealing if you cannot choose the right curtains that complement the room design. If you are not sure how to choose the right curtains for your living room interior design, here are a few tips that will help you:

01 of 0 Curtain style 

You will find curtains in various designs and styles. Although curtain panels are quite inexpensive, the price of curtains can be very high. Also, choosing customised curtains can further increase your expenses. Hence, you need to determine the curtain style you want for your living room interior design. While choosing curtains for the living room, do not just consider the window design. Rather, think of the design of the entire room. This will help you to understand how it will affect the overall design of the living room. Think about what suits the style of your room and the window itself. For a classy look, choose double panels. Single panels are a better choice for small living room designs. Do not forget about the type of heading you want. There are many options like pencil grommets, pleats, French pleats, etc. 

02 of 04 Window treatment fabric

While choosing the fabric for your curtains, you will get innumerable options. While some are heavier and are best suited for cooler climates, others are lighter and perfect for warmer climates. Mentioned below are the most common fabric options you have in hand while buying curtains for your living room interior design

Silk: If you want a posh and traditional curtain design for your living room, consider opting for silk curtains. By introducing silk curtains to your room, you can give it a more formal and sophisticated look. Pleated silk curtains are very common and a great design for living rooms. While installing them, make sure they puddle on the floor. By getting them lined, you can not only maintain privacy but also allow sufficient light to enter indoors.

Cotton: Most commonly used fabric for curtains is cotton. The main reasons behind its popularity are affordable price and easy maintenance. Further, you can get cotton curtains in various colours and styles that will allow you to design the living room interiors in any way you like. However, it is a little stiffer compared to other fabrics. 

Linen: If you want a casual curtain design for your living room, you can choose linen curtains. They are light and economical. 

Velvet: Contrary to linen, velvet is preferred for its heavy and luxurious look. It gives your room a very luxe and sophisticated look. Compared to many alternatives, they are quite cheaper. 

Sheers: If you want something that allows plenty of natural light indoors, consider opting for sheers. However, you must keep in mind that this material is not ideal for privacy. You can consider pairing these curtains with other heavier curtains. 

03 of 04 Colour and design 

Since curtains are large and can easily be seen, they have a huge impact on the living room interior design. Hence, you must be careful while choosing the colour and pattern of the curtains. Make sure that you put some thought into it and choose a fabric that complements the fabric of your chair or sofa upholstery. Consider other elements too like the paint colour of the room. In most cases, it is better to choose a fabric colour and pattern that blend in with the walls. However, you can choose a contrasting option as well. 

04 of 04 Size of curtain 

While choosing curtains for your living room, you must not choose a design randomly. Experts suggest people to choose curtains that are twice the width of the windows. Also, you must ensure that the curtains do not appear short. For a dramatic and elegant look, make them puddle on the floor. For a more contemporary look, make them barely skim the floor. However, make sure that they do not appear very high.