What Makes a Maruti Car Insurance Policy?

Maruti Suzuki, a leading car manufacturer in India, has built a reputation for delivering dependable and cost-effective vehicles. The company offers a diverse selection of cars, including hatchbacks, sedans, and SUVs, that meet the diverse needs and budgets of Indian customers. Not only are Maruti Suzuki cars fuel-efficient and low-maintenance, but they also benefit from exceptional after-sales support. Maruti Suzuki’s reputation is further solidified with a vast network of dealerships and service centres nationwide. 

In addition, they are dedicated to ensuring its customers’ safety, evidenced by the numerous safety features in its vehicles. Further, their same dedication has made them enter the car insurance brokerage business to double-check security by offering protection plans against various risks and uncertainties to provide extra peace of mind to their client. As a result, currently, they claim to have over 8 million happy customers and are considered one of India’s largest insurance broking services providers. 

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Reasons to Purchase Maruti Car Insurance Policy

  • Own Damage car insurance

Maruti Insurance Policy also offers its own-damage cover to its policyholders. By choosing own damage car insurance policy from Maruti, policyholders can safeguard their Maruti vehicle against damages or losses for various reasons, such as theft, accidents, fire, natural calamities, artificial hazards, and more. This coverage provides financial protection for the policyholder in case their vehicle is damaged or destroyed and they need to repair or replace it. 

Own damage cover is an essential aspect of car insurance, and Maruti Insurance‘s policy offers this coverage to provide peace of mind and protect the policyholder’s investment in their vehicle.

  • Personal accident cover

Maruti Insurance Policy also offers personal accident cover to its policyholders. By choosing this coverage, the owner-driver of the Maruti vehicle is protected against accidental injury or death while driving their car. In case of an accident, the policyholder can receive a lump sum payment to cover any expenses incurred due to medical treatment, rehabilitation, or death. This coverage provides peace of mind to the policyholder and their family and helps protect against the financial impact of an accidental injury or death.

  • Covers the high cost of repairing your Maruti cars

When a Maruti vehicle is involved in an accident or incurs damages due to other reasons such as theft, fire, or natural calamities, the cost of repairs is high. This is where the Maruti Insurance policy comes in. By choosing a comprehensive insurance policy from Maruti, the policyholder can know that the high cost of repairing their Maruti car is taken care of.

The insurance policy covers repairing or replacing the policyholder’s Maruti vehicle in case of damages or losses incurred due to covered events. Maruti Insurance agrees to pay for the repairs or replacement up to the limits specified in the policy. This helps to protect the policyholder’s investment in their vehicle and ensures that they do not have to bear the high cost of repairs in circumstances of an accident or other covered event.

  • Option to choose the type of insurance

Maruti Insurance policy allows policyholders to choose between comprehensive or third-party liability insurance for their Maruti car. The choice between these two types of insurance depends on the policyholder’s specific needs and budget.

Comprehensive insurance is a more comprehensive coverage option that protects the policyholder’s Maruti car against damages or losses from various events, including theft, fire, natural calamities, and accidents. In addition, this type of insurance also provides coverage for third-party liability, which means that the policyholder is covered for damages or injuries caused to another person or their property due to a covered event involving the policyholder’s Maruti car.

Third-party liability insurance, on the other hand, is a more basic coverage option that provides protection only for damages or injuries caused to another person or their property due to a covered event involving the policyholder’s Maruti car. This insurance does not cover damages or losses to the policyholder’s Maruti car.

  • Large Network of Garages

Maruti Insurance policy offers policyholders access to a large network of garages where the policyholder can avail hassle-free, cashless repairs for their Maruti car. This means that policyholders can have their Maruti car repaired at given network garages without paying for the repairs out of pocket. Instead, the insurance company will directly settle the repair bills with the garage. This feature of the Maruti Insurance policy provides a convenient and stress-free way for policyholders to get their Maruti car repaired in the event of damage or loss. It also helps to reduce the financial burden associated with repairs, as policyholders do not have to pay for the repairs themselves.

  • Efficient Add-on coverage

Maruti Insurance policy offers a range of add-on covers that provide policyholders with additional protection and benefits. Some of the add-on covers include:

  1. Return to Invoice: This add-on cover compensates policyholders for the difference between the insured declared value (IDV) and the original invoice value of the car in case of a total loss due to theft or accident.
  2. NCB Protection: This add-on cover protects the No Claim Bonus (NCB) earned by the policyholder for claims made during the policy term.
  3. Zero Depreciation Cover: This add-on cover covers the cost of replacing parts subject to depreciation, such as rubber, plastic, and fibre components, without any depreciation deduction.
  • Easy access to customer support

Maruti Insurance policy provides its policyholders with easy access to customer support services. Policyholders can reach out to customer support in case of any queries or for claim intimation. The customer support team can support policyholders with any questions or issues regarding their policy coverage or claims process. This helps to ensure that policyholders have a hassle-free experience and that their insurance needs are met efficiently and effectively. By choosing a Maruti Insurance policy, policyholders can rest assured that their needs will be taken care of, no matter what.


Maruti Suzuki’s car insurance policy offers a comprehensive solution for its customers to protect their vehicles against various risks and uncertainties. With features such as own damage coverage, personal accident cover, the option to choose between comprehensive or third-party liability insurance, an extensive network of garages, efficient add-on covers, and easy access to customer support, Maruti Insurance provides peace of mind and financial protection to its policyholders. Maruti Insurance has covered its policyholders, whether accidental injury, theft or damage due to natural calamities.