2 Reasons Why Amenities are Crucial Selling Factor for Condo in Sathorn area

In the past decade, there has been a significant rise in the development of condominiums in different parts of the globe. Various new and existing real estate developers have successfully completed attractive condo projects that have become much popular among the property owners. One thing that you may have noticed as a developer is the importance of the facilities to the potential buyers. In fact, the level of amenities has become the decisive factor for many potential buyers in buying Condo in Sathorn area [คอน โด แถว สาทร, which is the term in Thai]. It is a good idea to understand the probable reason behind the trend. 


If you can offer plenty of exciting amenities to the property owners once they buy a condo at your project, you will witness an overwhelming number of potential buyers showing expression of interest. Why so? It is because these amenities are not affordable for many otherwise. For example, visiting the gym daily or accessing the lavish clubhouse and swimming pools might not be affordable or practical for maximum individuals looking for the standard condos. So it will be an additional and much lucrative offer. 

A must-have for luxury buyers

People from high-class society are familiar with visits to golf clubs and gyms regularly. If you don’t provide all these facilities within the premises of the Condo in Sathorn area you are not upgrading the project to the niche class. To allure the rich investors and home buyers, you have to embed all the must-have facilities that these people avail often. Once the buyers understand the privilege of having all the amenities in one place just by the home, it will strengthen the urge to buy the property. This way, the level of amenities can be the unique selling point of the condo.