3 Tips To Dress for cold weather Without Ruining Aesthetic

Preparing the winter wardrobe can be a conflict between style and functionality. But what if you learn that modern fashion trends are the perfect amalgamation of styling and comfort? It means that now you can stay warm in winter without looking boring. Take a look at some of the stylish ideas that will turn a few heads as you get out of the house every day for work or casual meetings.

  1. Add three layers

The best way to Dress for cold weather [แต่งตัว หน้า หนาว, which is the term in Thai] is to wear three layers. The base layer can be silk underwear with some woolen turtlenecks and a legging. The material should be thin and moisture resistant that will keep help t maintain the core temperature without causing sweating. A thick fleece is ideal as the middle layer as it imparts insulation., the outer layer will be the winter coat, which will protect you against rain and wind.

  1. Check the fitting

Tight-fitting clothes will be the best to prevent the chill from wind. You should go for skinny jeans that always balance the visual when you wear an oversize knit sweater with chunky boots. Wear leggings or tights with fleece lining under the skirts if you want to keep your legs warm.

  1. Long coats look ravishing

Cropped puffers are definitely trendy, but the ideal dress for the colder months should keep you warm enough. To cover the entire torso, you should wear the stylish long coats that are available in the market at affordable rates. If you want to flaunt the branded premium versions, then get ready to shell out a considerable sum for procuring the coat. Pairing sweaters with skirts are also a good option, and you have to accept that it looks smart. Trying the French tuck is also not a bad idea.

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