Different types of hooks for fishing

Nowadays, it has become hard to find time in the daily hectic schedules to relax and enjoy at the same point of time. Even if there are activities that combine the two, there is some sort of disconnect and loss of peace which is why people head towards fishing as an option. There is some serious fan-following for fishing among different people and cultures, be it related to fun or the cuisine. This is making people plan a whole trip for experiencing fishing to the waters of Thailand. 

There is a surreal richness in the marine life at the place making people pursue activities like carp fishing ThailandFor such a level of fun, it is important to take the right sort of hook.

Circle hooks

These are some of the fish-friendly options in terms of hooking. The reason behind this is that it gets stuck in the corner of the mouth of the fish instead of getting stuck in its throat or penetrating inside its guts causing it immense damage. It is able to do so because of its point that is bent towards its shanks, preventing it from hooking really deep.

Treble hooks

These hooks have a unique advantage as they have three-pointers that help in holding or restraining a fish in case it tries to escape. They are an excellent option for using artificial baits like those of jerk baits, crank baits, etc. However, it does require some extra care when it comes to fitting it into the line as it can be heavy.

Artificial bait luring hooks

This is a different type of hook that has a unique advantage for offensive fishes. It uses a line format and weight pattern that allows the bait to rotate three hundred and sixty degrees while in water, attracting more fishes. Now, when the fishes try to splash upon the water it tends to wind them well as they are made up of treble hooks with a higher density.