How I Became A Youtube Celebrity By Getting Youtube Views

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Youtube Subscribe Vector Art, Icons, and Graphics for Free DownloadThere are many things that can help you get more views on YouTube. The key is to do everything possible and not overlook any opportunity or avenue. You’ll need to be smart about how you promote your videos, but it’s not impossible to make them popular if they’re good enough.


Have An Excellent Thumbnail


When it comes to the thumbnail, you may think that it’s just another image. You may even be tempted to use the same one as before. But no! You’ve got to make sure that your thumbnail is eye catching and relevant to the video. Here are some tips:


  • Use a good font and design. The font should be clear, easy to read and not too flashy or complicated looking. Make sure there’s enough contrast between the text color and background so people can read it easily when it’s small on their screen. Don’t forget about bolding certain words for emphasis!


  • Make sure your image works well with the title of your video (or at least fits in somehow). If you’re talking about dogs, try using an image of a dog – but don’t use something that looks too much like one of those generic stock photos because then viewers will think they’ve seen this kind of thing before!


Only Upload Good Videos


Uploading videos that are relevant to your audience is essential. If you’re trying to upload videos about gaming, then make sure you upload videos about gaming. Uploading irrelevant content will only create a bad impression for viewers, who will soon unsubscribe from your channel and move on.


Make sure the video is interesting and entertaining enough for people to want to watch it. A lot of people just put up whatever they feel like uploading at the time, but this can be a mistake if you want more views from viewers. Make sure you’re putting out something that people want and enjoy watching; otherwise, why bother?


Be Consistent With Your Uploads


Consistency is the key factor when it comes to youtube views. If you upload videos on a regular schedule and consistently engage with your audience, then they will come back for more. You can set up a schedule that suits you best. If you’re not sure how often to upload videos, consider the following:

If you want engagement from your viewers but don’t want them to forget about your channel, then it’s best if every week or so would be good enough.


If what matters most is getting views and subscribers as soon as possible, then uploading daily might be more effective at drawing attention than weekly or monthly uploads would be in this case because there is less time between each upload which means there will be more views per video (and therefore more organic traffic).


Create Popular Content


Your content should be relevant to your audience, your goals, and your brand.


If you’re trying to build a small business by making videos about how people can make money from their homes, then it would make sense for you to create videos that are relevant in helping people find jobs at home. The same goes for any other type of content that relates back to your business or brand.