How To Tow A Vehicle

Everyone has had a problematic car situation where the vehicle got stuck somewhere, and you have no idea how to tow it. For these moments, it is important not to despair and to know how to tow the trailer correctly. Throughout this text, we will teach you how to tow a vehicle like towing car Ramkhamhaeng (รถยก รามคำแหง which is the term in Thai) intelligently, without needing much effort and running the risk of causing damage to it. It is possible to tow it yourself with just the help of a rope and a tree or pole. Know how.

Making The Trailer Yourself

Imagine the following scenario: your car such as Slide car On Nut (รถสไลด์อ่อนนุช which is the term in Thai)got stuck in mud or even a hole, and you are alone. At first, we thought the car would be stuck forever, but it is not quite like that. All you need is goodwill, a rope, and a tree or pole to help you. It’s about physics, making a support system that will double your strength. This support system we will teach you is helpful for several situations, for example, when there is no other vehicle to help with the task and even when pushing the car does not work. The tip is always to have a rope in your car because we don’t know when a jam can happen.

How To Tow A Vehicle Step By Step

You will need:

  • A rope
  • A tree or a pole

How To Make

Step 1

Start by tying the rope to your vehicle using a guide loop knot. Do not tie the rope directly to the bumper; use the towing strap for best use.

Step 2

Then make a loop of the rope, about 1.2 meters from the car, using a figure eight knot.

Step 3

Then wrap the long end of the rope around the loop and create a second loop about 1.2 inches long.

Step 4

Then you will have to pass the long end of the rope around a tree or a pole.

Step 5

Continue passing the long end through the last loop that was created.

Step 6

From that point on, you will start pulling the vehicle to tow it. Then take hold of the end that is free of the rope and start pulling with a continuous movement. The grip has to be firm; to make more strength lean back while pulling. Once the car starts moving, it will be much easier to keep it moving out of the hole or mud.