Introduction to semi permanent eyeliners

A fan of eye makeup? If you are also a fan of eye makeup, then you can never skip the eyeliner. The eyeliner plays a major role when it comes to eye makeup. Talking about the eye makeup, your eye eyeliner needs a regular touch up and would start looking smudged after some hours of application. But the new semi permanent eyeliners won’t do that to your eyes. Heard about eyeliners but not semi permanent ones? No issues. You have landed over to the perfect article. Keep reading to know more.

What are Semi-permanent eyeliners?

Semi permanent eyeliners are most like your eyeliners. The only thing that’s different about them is they don’t require touch up at intervals. Since eyes are the core of face beauty and the first thing people would look into is our eyes, they should look good. These eyeliners do that job for you but without any flaws. Since some people love using eyeliner but would consider it really tiring to use the regular ones, have a perfect solution now. Switch to these semi permanent eyeliners and you won’t ever regret choosing them over your regular eyeliners.

Know how it adds beauty to your eyes

Since you start using them, you can see your eyes looking the best. They would look that pretty as they haven’t looked ever before. You can choose for thick and thin strokes as you want to. The eyeliner would be applied to your upper and lower lid which will make your eyes look very graceful. These eyeliners are the best for people who have very sensitive skin. This is because when you keep on applying the normal eyeliners over and over these can trigger the sensitivity of the skin. So this is the best option for people who have pretty sensitive skin.

Who all should prefer this eyeliner?

For people with over sensitive skin, reapplying the eyeliner over and over would cause redness and swelling of the skin. This can also be used by people who cannot use basic makeup commodities. Also, those who do swimming or play sports would not have long-lasting make-up. The swimmers’ make-up would get washed by the water. And on the other side, people who play sports would sweat a lot and their make-up would spoil. They can easily switch to these eyeliners as they will constantly give their eyes a pretty and defining look.

Care to be taken before getting semi permanent eyeliner done

We all know that there are certain guidelines we need to follow pre-treatment and post-treatment of any aspect. The same applies when you go for getting this eyeliner done. The pre-care tips you need to take care about:

  • Try to avoid applying mascara on the day you go to apply the eyeliner.
  • The eyes should be free of any eyeliner or mascara.
  • Do carry your sunglasses. Remember to protect your eyes from UV rays after you get your treatment done.
  • Remove contact lenses, if you wear one.

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Introduction to semi permanent eyeliners

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