The Most Powerful Anti-Aging Superfood: Marine collagen

No one likes the idea of aging, which is why we continue to search for ways to slow it down and many people consider antioxidants to be the secret to keeping skin youthful and fighting signs of aging; the marine collagen found in NIAGEN is rich in a type of antioxidant called marine collagen.

Marine collagen is found in abundance in the deep sea and is believed to be the reason why some deep-sea organisms can grow old gracefully, animal studies have already shown that marine collagen offers a wide range of benefits: These include the potential to reduce wrinkles, firm skin, and promote collagen synthesis.

Skin Benefits


The antioxidant properties of marine collagen make it a powerful natural remedy for skin: Our NIAGEN Marine Collagen formula offers amazing results in reducing wrinkles, firmness, and promoting collagen synthesis.

The formula is gluten-free, vegan, and allergen-free, so consumers can feel comfortable in knowing they’re getting the premium product they deserve, and as an added benefit to your healthy lifestyle.

Anti-Aging Promise


The marine collagen found in NIAGENis rich in Marine collagen, which is believed to be the reason why some deep-sea organisms can grow old gracefully – it is a potent anti-aging superfood with the ability to fightsigns of aging like wrinkles and age spots.

The marine collagen present in it promotes collagen synthesis and has been shown to reduce wrinkles and firm skin, as well as improve skin elasticity.

And the ones found only in deep-sea organisms like deep-sea fish, corals, tunicates, and sponges- contain 100% pure marine collagen from deep-sea fish that delivers these benefits without any side effects.



How Marine Collagen Works             


It contains a wide range of amino acids which are essential for skin health and these amino acids are perfectly balanced in the marine collagen to prevent any imbalances and keep your skin looking healthy.

Amino acids foundinclude glycine, proline, alanine, serine, tyrosine, aspartic acid, and glutamic acid: The unique molecular structure of marine collagen can penetrate deep into the dermis layer of the skin and this allows marine collagen to work its magic on the cells at a level where they can respond properly and repair as they go through their life cycle.

Tips for a Better Marine Collagen Experience


The most important thing to remember is that marine collagen has yet to be researched in humans so, it’s best to take things slowly and see how your body responds before trying any other supplement though the benefits are well documented in animal studies, the jury is still out on if they will work for humans as well.

If you have tried other supplements without success and want to give marine collagen a try, be sure to start with lower doses of marine collagen and increase your dosage gradually over time; it’s also important to note that not all brands of marine collagen are created equal.


Marine Collagen is the most powerful anti-aging superfood because it is a natural source of hyaluronic acid and collagen- which can be used in different ways: as a serum or a cream, or as a deep moisturizer.

It has so many benefits that people forget to mention its power as an anti-aging cream – with Marine Collagen, you can enjoy the benefits of anti-aging without the side effects of other common anti-aging products.