The Secret Of The Printed Clothes And More

When composing your outfits, don’t neglect prints. They can bring variety to your outfits and lift a look very quickly. Yes, you read that right: easily. Because after having read this article, the printed matter will have no more secrets for you.

Before You Start

There is certainly at least one that you like the small preamble to introduce you to the different types of printed matter. Choose it to start. When you have mastered the pattern, you can expand your field of action. Flowers, stripes, polka dots, wax, geometric prints, animal prints. The choice is vast. See below a small example (far from being exhaustive) of the possibilities of printed matter. In the Shirt Screen Shop (ร้านสกรีนเสื้อ, which is the term in Thai) you can find such options too.

Printed Accessories, Wear The Prints

Because you can dare the prints on a solid piece of your outfit (pants, skirt, jacket, dress), you can even go as far as mixing two prints. 

How To Choose The Prints

Not just any print can be worn on just any piece. There are a few rules to follow when choosing printed clothing. The choice of the type of part will largely depend on the kind of print. The basic rule is the following: the more the mark is conspicuous, the more the garment’s cut will be sober. Avoid combining frou-frou, ruffles, complicated details, and a marked print. This is too much information, and may you run out of class. A strong pattern is sufficient on its own; it will be the star of your outfit, no need to add additional details that may weigh down your look. You can choose the Screen cloth bag (ถุง ผ้า สกรีน, term in Thai) also.

With A Print With Large Contrasting Patterns, You Will Prefer

A jacket with clean lines is such as a kimono or blazer with discreet buttons (avoids the Saharan or details such as golden buttons, braids, etc.)

A skirt with a simple cut such as a straight, sheath, or even midi skirt (avoid skirts with ruffles, pleats, many cutouts, etc.)

Simple straight pants will be preferable to pants with multiple pockets, topstitching, cuffs, etc.

You understand the principle: to counterbalance the apparent effect of the pattern, choose a straight cut. On the contrary, with a more discreet design, you can give free rein to all the fantasies about the cut of the garment (within reason, of course).

What Prints For My Body Type

It is commonly accepted that large prints tend to get bigger. Are the patterns getting bigger? You should do a little experiment. Sit on a sidewalk cafe in a busy area and observe the outfits of the people walking past you. What are you looking for in priority? Generally, we are drawn to colors and prints. This is where our eyes will land in importance.